The Most Photogenic and Breathtaking Places in Australia

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From the rugged beauty of the Franklin river to the mysterious pink waters of the Lake Hillier, Australia is one of the most scenic and gorgeous places to be in the world. Contrary to what most people believe, there is far more to Australia than the sparkling harbor in Sydney or the voluptuous curves of the Opera House. Hidden away in plain sight are some of the most awe inspiring locations found on Earth. Given below are some of the most photogenic locations in Australia.

1) The Delightful Wine Region of Adelaide Hills

The-Delightful-Wine-Region-of-Adelaide-Hills.Situated in South Australia, this amazing stretch of land is a must see for nature lovers. This wine region is filled with open hills and beautiful trees. During the seasons of fall and spring, the natural beauty of this region comes in full swing as the colors pop out to turn the landscape into stunning freshly painted scenery. Adelaide Hills is home to some of Australia’s finest cool-climate wines and exotic cuisine. You can also see some of the oldest German settlements here and breathe in some of that historic air. Numerous conservation parks can be found here where you can witness free roaming kangaroos, wallabies and emus. Boasting a diverse range of flora and fauna, Adelaide Hills does not disappoint in being a truly spectacular place on Earth.

If you wish to see true beauty, witness a single sunset at Adelaide Hills and you won’t think about going back home.

2) The Breathtaking Pink Waters of Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is a saline lake located off the south coast of Western Australia. But it is no ordinary lake. As you lay your eyes on the pink waters of this majestic lake, you will find yourself transported into a different world all together. Surrounded by eucalyptus and paperback trees, this majestic lake is separated from the ocean with a thin strip of land. From above, the lake truly looks like a page taken straight out from the Alice in Wonderland book.

The lake contains living organisms called Dunalielasalina which interacts with the salt content in the water to produce the red dye that gives the lake its amazing color. This of course is only one of the theories present today as Scientists are still looking for conclusive answers. No matter what the real reason may be, witnessing a lake colored like bubble-gum is truly a spectacular experience and certainly a memory that will last forever. It is almost as if bubble-gum taffy dripped from the heavens itself.

And not to mention the lake is completely safe to swim in. So why wait? Jump on in and take a dive into the beautiful pink waters of Lake Hillier.

3) The Majestic Daintree Rainforest

The-Majestic-Daintree-RainforestOne of the lushest rainforests in Australia, the Daintree Rainforest has it all. From a vibrant thriving ecosystem to deep gorges and stunning waterfalls, if you love nature you’ll be right at home here. The forest contains more than 600 different species of vertebrate animals and 200 species of butterfly. There’s no better place to commune with nature in Australia than the Daintree Rainforest.

It is also one of the oldest surviving tropical rainforests in the world, thought to be at 165 million years old and is about 16 times the size of Singapore. Beyond the trees, you will find pristine beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. This great rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef near Cape Tribulation up north. Millions of years of history and the sheer beauty of nature envelop you as you walk through this magnificent forest.

Moreover, the forest even boasts the presence of an exotic fruit called the Chocolate Pudding Fruit. Exotic landscape, huge diverse flora and fauna and chocolate pudding fruits, do you really need any more reason to go there? You should have left at chocolate pudding.

4) The Awe-Inspiring Blue Mountains

Said to be around 470 million years old, the Blue Mountains are located on the edge of Sydney. When you look at the mountains from Sydney, the cliffs appear to be in blue color. The beautiful blue haze surrounding the cliffs gave the Blue Mountains its hauntingly mesmerizing name. The color occurs due to a phenomenon called the Rayleigh Scattering which occurs when the sun’s ultraviolet rays are scattered by minute particles in the atmosphere smaller than the wavelength of air. This creates the blue-greyish color for objects looked at from a distance.

It is also home to about 1000 canyons including Australia’s famous slot canyons which are trenches created by running water. What’s more amazing is the myriad of myths that surround the Blue Mountains. From UFO’s, ghosts and monsters, hundreds of tales have passed through this region. What can be more awesome than monsters and blue colored mountains?

5) The Pristine Beauty of Whitehaven Beach

Pristine Beauty of Whitehaven BeachOne cannot talk about the gorgeous places in Australia without mentioning its beautiful beaches. Whitehaven Beach as the name suggests is a haven for those who wish to immerse themselves into tranquility. The clear blue waters and clean white powdered sand make it paradise. Apart from being one of the cleanest beaches in the world, the sand in Whitehaven Beach is known to never retain heat. 98% of the sand consists of silica which doesn’t retain heat. Walking along this beach reminds you of what it would be like to gently float on the milky clouds above. The warm ocean air carrying you forward slowly, step by step into the distance, can you imagine how it might be like?

At the northern end of the beach you will find what is named Hill Inlet where the tide creates a mesmerizing fusion of colors by shifting the sand and water. Get ready to sink your feet into the soft powdery sand and wade into the beautiful blue waters as warm waves envelop you and take you on a one way ticket to paradise on Earth.

You have just read about some of the most photogenic locations in Australia and perhaps the world. Don’t sit around. Pack a few bags and experience some of the most gorgeous places on our planet, have the time of your life and take home some of the best memories ever.

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