Bizarre predictions that might come out to be true in the future

There is one common thing that can get us all charged up, and that is the common love for predictions. All of us want to know what is going to happen in the near future. This has been the basis for astrological and scientific predictions since ages. However, there have been some bizarre predictions for which deep in our hearts we wish them to be true. In fact, they have become so human to us that we have nearly forgotten that these are mere ideas, concepts, and predictions, which lack evidence in our daily lives.

Here is a list to such bizarre predictions that may or may not come true ever:

The invisibility cloak

The invisibility cloak

The concept of having an invisibility cloak has become extremely popular, all thanks to the Harry Potter series. According to the Telegraph, it will only take a few years to build an invisibility cloak. Well, actually having an invisibility cloak would be so much fun, just imagine the innumerable opportunities that are in store for you with such a gadget. All those places you were restricted to be in, all those things that you never did just because of the fear of being caught. Ah! I have my cloak on baby, try me… oops there is nothing in here except for the invisible me.

Aliens saving the world


Oh come on, all of us have wondered about the aliens saving us from problem situations, you have give that ‘not me’ look after reading this. Movies, cartoons, television series have all been inspired by this concept. Presence of UFOs and more have contributed in making this belief stronger. Well I really hope one day when it is all messed up and I need help, an alien comes to rescue me.

Time machines

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Most of us would volunteer to be the first one to try these when these are out in the market. Who doesn’t want to travel back to times and change hell lot things that went wrong. In fact, travelling to the future would be even more fun, let us change all those situations of future even before we encounter them. What sheer fun it sounds.

Downloading brain onto a computer

brain implants

Mr. insufferable know it all has made the prediction that by 2050 it would be possible to download a brain onto a computer, more so because there will no left in the original spaces, where it is supposed to be. So, do not worry in this computer-enriched era, brain downloading will be free of any cost.

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