The most bizarre weddings this world has been a witness to

Marriage is the union of two hearts that are deeply in love. The very thought of a marriage gets you all pepped up for the rituals and traditions. However, some couples around the world defy the normal wedding traditions. These marriages were extraordinary, and not just caught the eyeballs of the guests but even those, like us on the internet throughout the world.

Here are some most bizarre marriages that ever took place:

The woman who married her dead fiancé in a morgue

married her dead fiancé in a morgue

True love never dies. This woman proved it right, by marrying her dead fiancé Kevin Lavelle. Michelle Thomas is a mother of two. She married her dead fiancé in a morgue and set an example of true love by the world. A gang attacked Kevin Lavelle when he was working away from home to raise money for the marriage. This attack killed him, but it did not kill the love that Michelle had for him. It was this love, which made her marry dead Kevin.

The woman who married Eiffel Tower

The woman who married Eiffel Tower

This lady is a former soldier from San Francisco. She fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and married it in 2008. She is known to have a long-term relationship with a bow but her marriage commitments are to the Tower. After the marriage, she changed her name to Erika La Tour Eiffel. Her changed name shows the amount love that she bores for the Tower.

The Guy who married his pillow

The Guy who married his pillow

We all love our pillows, yes, we all do. However, we do not marry our pillows like the South Korean guy, Lee Jin. His wife pillow has a face of a popular female anime character. Their wedding knot was tied back in 2010. We can say he has a soft companion for life.

The woman who married herself

The woman who married herself

It is strange to see people loving oneself to such an extent that they end up marrying their own self. But, it does not seem any strange to Jennifer Hoes who married herself on her 30th birthday in the Netherlands. She pledged alliance to her own self in the ceremony, based on completion of her life and relationships. We need to love ourselves first, in order to love others, but in the manner like Jennifer, I really have my doubts.

The woman who married a roller coaster

woman who married a roller coaster

Life is roller coaster ride, and for Amy Wolfe of New York married a 1001 Nachts, life partner is a roller coaster. Nachts is a roller coaster ride that she has ridden for more than 3000 times. She has had relationship with objects in the past but she is happily committed to the Nachts and takes her marriage very seriously.

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