Signboards gone hilariously wrong

We see highways lined with signboards, in fact in every nook and corner we see signboards displaying directions and what not. Such a massive presence of signboards has a purpose to serve, and that is to make our lives easy by showing us directions and informing us about the new happenings in the city, and many more. There is yet another purpose signboards serve, which is to make people laugh. Yes, you read it right; well, it’s mostly unintentional, but a simple error can make the somber hilarious. Some signboards are so wrong that people just cannot help laughing hard that brings tears in their eyes. Scroll through to see and enjoy such signboards that have gone hysterically wrong:

Liquid Tea – OMG such a blessing

Liquid Tea

I mean what on earth the designer of this signboard had in his mind, or are we the ignorant ones who do not even know that tea is something you get in liquid form. Heartfelt thanks to the dear designer for enlightening us all….lol.

Heights of insanity

Heights of insanity

How could the cigarette butts on the floor burn a person’s knees and elbows, as it is only possible if the place allows only such people who leave the place crawling. The bar’s signboard seems to be challenging our mental capacity as it reads the bar is not open because it is closed (for heaven’s sake people visiting your bar are not that dumb).

Nothing else could slow down people than this

Nothing else could slow down

This one is really funny and a bit vulgar too. It is of course a mistake, but quite an effective formula to actually make people slow down a bit.

How many would dare to visit this clinic?

visit this clinic

The psycho people visit clinics of psychiatrists and psychologists to find a cure for their mental sickness. However, this particular signboard has reversed this theory, which has made it a Psycho clinic.

The scary one

The scary one

This signboard is informative telling people not to dive into the river, as there are crocodiles in it. So swimming is prohibited. So far so good, but the next line that reads survivors will be prosecuted is weird and funny. The signboard seems to be an honest one but it sure brings some laugh, as the poor survivor seems stuck on a two-sided sword.

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