Plane Landings that were so crazy, it is impossible to believe they happened

A pilot’s job is not an easy one and probably this is why they are one of the best-paid jobs in the entire world. It is a tricky business to take off and carry so many passengers to a new destination with a safe landing. Many of the air crashes in the history have one reason in common, a pilot error or mechanical failure during landing. Landing of a plane is believed to be the trickiest situations in the entire process of a flight. We have brought for you some of the luckiest landings, lucky because they somehow managed to touch the ground safe and sound despite all the difficulties but are hard to believe:

South African Airways 747SP at Rand Airport

In September 2006, the mighty Boeing 747SP named Maluti that had flown for over 34 years in the sky as a part of South African Airways was supposed to land at the Rand airport outside of Johannesburg. It is an aviation museum and this Boeing was going to be a new addition there. Rand has two runways that are only fifty feet across, which is not enough of space for jumbo jet but still there had been a similar landing before as well, so it was not quite a problem. However, when the pilots tried to land the jumbo jet, they faced a big threat that could imbalance the plane and could have caused multiple casualties, as there were people on the ground watching Boeing 747SP’s retirement. By god’s grace and after much difficulty, pilots managed to touch down the plane after two complete trials.

Homebuilt plane engine conked out and lands on road

A bright sunny day in April 2009, when a twenty two year old flight instructor Kyle Davis with his videographer friend set out for a fifteen-minute flight over central Florida in his homebuilt SkyRanger airplane. It was only after two minutes of flight that his airplane started showing some signs of motor failure. He then decided to land his plane down on Havendale Boulevard, which was freaking risky but they turned out to be the lucky ones.

Emergency landing on the Hudson

US Airways Flight 1549 had to do a crash landing owing to a bird strike on the Hudson river, which was a scary decision taken by the pilot but fortunately saved lives of all the people on board this flight.

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