People with unusual body parts and birthmarks

Human body is considered to be one of the most special and critical creation of god. God has given a different color, structure, and features to every other person. However, some people were born with extra body parts and with some unique birth mars on their body as well. Read further to find out what those unusual birthmarks and extra body parts are that some people have taken birth on this earth with:

The Double Dick Dude (DDD)

Double Dick Dude

This name is what a man with two penises has given himself. The two penises he has are both functional, and DDD says that both have six-inch range and one of them even reaches the seven-inch range sometimes. It is a funny case though but DDD seems to be enjoying this extra thing god has blessed him with.

The Turtle Boy

The Turtle Boy

A boy has owned this name owing to the weird birthmark on his back. The birthmark looks something like the shell of a tortoise. The poor six-year-old boy had to face a lot of humiliation and discrimination because of his strange birthmark. He was not allowed to go to school because other children used to get scared of his birthmark but now a successful surgery has made this boy get rid of his weird birthmark.

That woman with two vaginas

woman with two vaginas

Hazel Jones is someone who has a million- in- one condition we call as Uterus Didelphys, which means to have two vaginas. She has two uteruses and cervixes, which she only got to know on turning 18, and it her boyfriend who informed her about some difference in her genital area. She says she is quite comfortable with the extra part go has given her.

Little girl with a clown nose

Little girl with a clown nose

When Connie Lloyd was born, she was a cute girl but with a not so cute red nose that looked like a clown’s nose. Actually, the tumor on her nose that had made it all red and doctors said it is incurable. However, now Connie has a perfectly normal nose and looks and normal and cute as any other girl.

A man with three legs and two hearts

George Lippert

George Lippert was born in the year 1844 with a rare body structure, with three legs and two hearts. Both his hearts were functional and his third leg had an extra toe.

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