Finding a Great Spokesperson for Your Next Event      

Finding a Great Spokesperson for Your Next Event      

Often the best way to grab a group’s attention is to forge a personal connection with another human being. This is why having a spokesperson at your next event could be the key to engaging your audience and making the moment a memorable one.

You can hire a speaker from a local entity or tap into a well-known actress like Cherie Johnson to address the crowd.

Consider your event’s crowd, venue, and goals, taking into account the below to be on track to hiring the type of spokesperson who will elevate your special occasion.

Define your goals

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Why do you need a spokesperson for your event? Is it to entertain, to inform? Are you looking for someone who can speak to a niche crowd, or can you hire a person who does well with all ages and a variety of topics?

Once you know the crowd you are looking to speak to, do an internet search for that specific type of person to find who fits the bill.

Network for talent

Additionally, you may want to ask other businesses or organizations in your space who they have utilized for events before.

Nothing beats a recommendation from someone who has had experience working with a talent first-hand and can speak to what that’s like.

There might be another business or organization in your line of work that you admire and hope to partner with in the future. Tap them for a spokesperson of their own (not a third party they have previously used) to contribute to your event.

Consider the role of the spokesperson for the event

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Are you looking for someone to give a keynote speech or be one of many speakers, or are you hoping to have a person who will act as a host for the event to keep things on track and engage the audience?

Spokespeople can be inspirational, informative, or double as an organizer or host for the event. Once you know what you’re looking for, confirm with the person you’re looking to hire that the role is something they are comfortable doing.

Think about what this spokesperson can do for you after the event is over

Are you holding the type of event where you want to attract area businesses or customers? Is this an inaugural event where you’re making a first impression on your market?

A good spokesperson can help attract the right type of people to you that can turn into lasting relationships down the road. It could open the door for working partnerships with others who see a collaboration as mutually beneficial.

Stick to your budget


There is a big difference in what you will pay for someone who speaks locally, regionally, or nationally. There’s also a pay difference when it comes to the experience level of the speaker.

If your budget is on the smaller side but you want to hire a more well-known speaker, consider throwing in extra perks outside a fee like hotel accommodations, travel costs, and food expenses.

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