Condom Couture: Transforming condoms into fashion

There are many people and associations working for various important causes all over the world with an aim to spread awareness among the people regarding issues like STDs, safe sex, HIV AIDS and the use of condoms. However, reading this article will help you know about one of the most unique and fashionable way of making people aware.

And when I say fashionable, it directly means that there is something related to outfits that you wear. Surprised? Don’t be. Given below is a list of amazing dresses that have been designed and created “entirely” out of expired condoms. Their designers are in an attempt to promote safe sex and condom use through these incredible creations. Read further to know more.

  1. Adriana Bertini’s Condom-Cloth Collection

Adriana Bertini’s Condom-Cloth Collection

Image Source : Eonline.Com

Adriana Bertini is a famous name on the internet these days due to her highly talked about condom dresses. This Brazilian designer, after losing some of her near ones due to AIDS decided to make people aware through a unique way. Adriana created eye catching wearable dresses by using defective condoms that were displayed at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. Adriana holds special workshop for students to help them learn special techniques of cutting, dyeing and stitching the condoms. The enthusiastic designer hopes to promote a social change and challenge various myths related to HIV AIDS.

  1. Condom Wedding Gown

Condom Wedding Gown

Image Source : Transform.Fairfaxregional.Com.Au

Illawara Shoalhaven Local Area Health Services HIV and Related Programs Unit have a made a great effort in order to spread awareness against STD Chlamydia. The unit created an awesome wedding day gown from condoms. The dress was being first unrevealed for the public at the Shoalhaven City Council’s Entertainment Center and was appreciated a lot for its novel and unique concept.

  1. Emma Kaywin’s Condom Dress

Emma Kaywin’s Condom Dress

Image Source : Ecouterre.Com

Emma Kaywin is a student from the New York University and is really a great one in that she was successful to find an outstanding solution for reusing expired condoms. Emma is a student at the HIV hotline and during her internship; she was left with some boxes of expired condoms. Emma utilized these boxes in creating an outstanding and attractive solution which included two elegant dresses and a coat.

  1. Breaking the Condom Taboo

Breaking the Condom Taboo

Image Source : OddityCentral.Com

Don’t misinterpret, this title isn’t the name of any association or organization. Instead, it is the name of a pretty looking dress that is made out of condoms. Give it a look and you would never ever believe that it actually is made from those dirty things. Anyways, this “all-condom” dress was designed and created by Nguyen Minh Tuan from Vietnam. Nguyen used 700 condoms to make his dress. The dress is attractive as well as versatile enough to be worn by any girl.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and when life gives you condoms…..? what? Read the article once again.

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