8 Simple things that can be difficult for left handed people

Left handed people are considered as the talented ones and the lucky ones. But they are also the ones who go through everyday struggle in this world of right-handed people. Wait! Have no idea how they struggle? Let us show you the challenges they face on the regular basis.

Spiral Notebooks

Spiral Notebooks

Normally when people think of spiral notebooks, they think of a copy with whooshie circles on the left hand side. But to the left handers it is a complete different story. To the lefties, it is a constant struggle between your hand and those spirals where the writer is trying his best to win by writing and keeping minimum possible distance from that evil spiral.


Scissors (2)

Scissor manufacturers are biased, really biased. And you have no right to oppose this fact. How many scissors you have seen till now for left handers? Even in classes, there is a war for these scissors. But the moment you get there, after that huge war, there is none left with the green rubber handle.

Ball points are a mess

Businessman's table Planning Business Issue

This is the stage in life when righties make the lefties feel like seriously? Even the balls point pens have the ability to make them feel like aliens in their own planet. That moment when the rightie next to you is writing with no stop but your ball pen refuses to move. Scientists felt this pain and gave the reason that the ink flow stops because of the pressure applied on the ball where normally people pull the pen to write with it. Weird, pointless but still sad for the lefties.

Natural paintings

Caucasian Open hands raised

After all those negative things for these amazing people, there is this one point we can consider as a gift from nature. Each and every time people finish writing with their left hand, they receive a free natural drawing on the side of their hand whether they wish It or not! Some call the left handers as “the silver handers” because of the same reason. Write something, look at the hand and there you go! A new smudged masterpiece with absolutely no effort.

Dinner table war

dinner date

The war people go through just to try to eat peacefully is really disturbing. But at times it is funny when you hit your elbow each time you tend to move and eat at the table. Beware people; this can force you to think what a crime-to eat or to move is?

Chairs at school

seats in the class have the table on the right hand side

Humans should stop being so selfish and think for the special ones too. This struggle is a daily struggle for the left handed people when all the seats in the class have the table on the right hand side. Can you imagine how it is like to turn your left hand all the way to reach the opposite side and then write? That too for the whole day!

Keyboard is for the righties

man working on laptop

The number keys are on the right side of the keyboard. Like hello! Have you ever heard of people writing with right hands? You were not expecting every left hander to buy a computer and then work it on again, were you?

Handshakes and the hi-fives


Why should righties have all the fun, the question popping out of every lefties mind when the regular things like handshakes are made for the righties? Someone please invent a lefty version of hi-fives too.

For left handed people the world has a whole different look. The things which normal right handers do without a blink of their eye can be a real pain in the a*s for them. So next time before you make a comment, make sure you know what you’re saying.

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