Taking an insight into anger and how its influence

Anger is an emotion that is instilled in every human being. While some tend to be short tempered, others keep things pent up inside their minds until they erupt in a fiery volcano of emotions.

Whatever be the case, anger is something that needs to be managed properly. Here is a useful insight that lets you know how you can let out your anger and how it would influence you otherwise.

The ways in which anger influences you

successful people show their anger

Short tempered people have a hard time getting around in their daily lives. They tend to erupt at every other instance or situation that does not work out as they planned. As such, the anger that wells up inside their body tends to influence them in many ways, including the ones mentioned here.

  • Small issues suddenly become enormous problems

Angry businesswoman screaming

Anger prevents one from focusing clearly. Hence, even seemingly miniscule issues would suddenly loom up to become enormous hurdles that look impossible to pass.

  • Decisions are influenced by anger

important decisions

There is a saying that you should never make a decision when angry. Anger has a way of influencing your decisions, making them more wrong than right. Most decisions taken with an angry mind tend to become failures that lead to bigger problems in life.

  • Exploiting an angered mind is easy

Expressing anger

An angered mind is easy to exploit. A mind filled with spite would easily absorb any advice that comes its way. It does not have the ability to differentiate the good from the bad, thus leading to some rather hasty decisions that land one in more trouble afterwards.

The different ways to let out your anger

Now that you know how anger can influence your mind, thoughts and decisions, you would need to chalk up a plan to handle your temper or let it out before it becomes the key to your undoing. Here are some ways you can do that.

  • Cry out loud

Angry you

All those pent up anger and emotions can get to you. Simply lock yourself up in a room and cry your heart out. This is what most individuals who can’t express their anger openly often do. Crying is one of the most appropriate ways to let out your feelings when you cannot control them. It also helps you deal with the irrational bouts of anger you get at rare intervals.

  • Drink it off


In with the wine, out with the anger. Drowning your worries with a drink will help you bring down your temper drastically. Being a blubbering drunk is also much better than an angry, raging bull ready to charge at anyone or everyone around you. So if you are feeling a bit hot under the collar, consider grabbing a drink or two to cool yourself off. Of course, ensure that you have a couple of friends around to get you back home afterwards.

  • Scream at the wall

cool as cucumber

Of course there is this really annoying colleague in office who drives you up the wall at every other instance. And you have every intention to scream at his face, asking him to get lost. But that wouldn’t work out quite well in the workplace would it?

The only other alternative would be to walk into an empty room and reduce your frustration by screaming at the wall. Shout out whatever profanity you would want to hurl at the colleague, inside the room itself so that when you walk out, you are as cool as cucumber, ready to tackle him again. This is really one of the best ways to handle your anger in a public space.

Anger can influence you in a number of bad ways. You need to keep it in check and display your emotions only at appropriate moments, and there are plenty of ways you can do that.

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