Hilarious reasons that were guilty for notorious flight delays

Flight delay is a phenomenon that is caused due to some major reasons like the bad weather condition, some mechanical failure, or the shortage of crewmembers. However, if you will read this entire article you would come to know that these are not the only reasons for a flight delay because there have been some silly and the funniest reasons in the past that have actually managed to delay several flights.

The foodie pilot

Air India flight

Image Source : ThePicky

An Air India flight had to experience a delay because the pilot refused to take charge of the flight sometime before its take-off. Due to some reasons the original route of the flight, which was Mumbai-Jodhpur-Delhi was altered, and the Jodhpur stop was cut off. The pilot had already arranged for the best onion kachoris in Jodhpur at the airport but now owing to the change of plans, the pilot was quite upset.

The entry of fire ants from the AC vent

fire ants

Image Source :  DamnBugs.Net

The plane was all set for a takeoff, some people on board turned on the air conditioner vent from which some fire ants entered the cabin. The flight attendant said those ants created quite a ruckus among people, thus, flight had to be delayed until the time everything was under control.

A cat in the cockpit

A cat in the cockpit

Image Source :  TheStar

Ripples, a cat that was on board with his owner went missing before the plane could take off. Flight attendants and the owner started searching her but failed to trace her in the cabin. After quite some time, one flight attendant went to the cockpit finding her, and to a surprise, they found Ripples there. The cat was not coming out of the electronics area, so they had to give it his own time to come out. All this resulted in a four-hour delay of flight.

The shopping spree

shopping at the duty free shops

Image Source :  Dfsa

Yet another incident wherein a flight was delayed because of a super funny and disgusting reason. The One Direction group members were supposed to catch a flight but they kept themselves busy for quite a long time while shopping at the duty free shops. The kind airline people delayed flight for One Direction’s shopping spree.

The crazy catfight

The crazy catfight (2)

Imagine the crew welcoming all the passengers on board, and making all arrangements to make the plane set for a takeoff. Just before the takeoff, the flight attendants start fighting and this leads to a flight delay. This is what actually happened with some flight in the past.

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