Curious and interesting facts about Wiccan culture

We live in a world, where there numerous people with variant beliefs. People follow their customs and traditions in accordance to their beliefs. One of the most popular beliefs that people abide by are that of the Wiccan culture. Wiccan culture is way beyond, just wizards and witches. Most of us may be get skeptical just by the name of it, but here are some facts that will give you valuable insights about the culture so widely practiced.

Maintenance of the ecological balance

ecological balance

Wiccans believe that their intelligence gives them a unique responsibility towards the environment. They live in peace and harmony with the natural surroundings and strive to maintain an ecological balance. This offers them a sense of fulfillment in life and provides them a conscience.

Everyone is equal


Wiccans do not have a hierarchical body based on designation and authority. They pay full respect to their teachers and offer great respect to people who share greater knowledge and wisdom. They also encourage those who have the valor to give themselves away for the sake of leadership, and for the greater good.

The philosophy of life

Wiccan culture (1)

Wiccans believe that religion, magic and wisdom are all entangled to the ways of world. They feel that witchcraft is the philosophy of life and it all lies within.

Gender equality

Gender equality

Wiccans believe that all beings have immense creative abilities, be it males or females. The creative abilities of both the genders complement each other. They feel both genders are equally important and no one is above each other. They believe that sex is an embodiment of life; it is one way to channelize energy, which is used in magical practices and religious worships.

Denial of the absolute evil


Wiccans discard the concept of absolute evil. They do not worship Satan or the Devil. They also do not seek power and happiness through the suffering of others. They also abandon the concept of personal benefit derived by denial to another.

Wiccans are acknowledgeable of the power that differentiates them from average people. The world calls this supernatural, but Wiccans see this as a gift and a natural potential to see what lies within.

The Wiccan Rede


Wiccans staunchly believe in the wiccan Rede, which is a teaching that says, “As long as it does not harm anyone including yourself and future generations, do whatever you want to do.” The Rede demands the Wiccans to be cautious about every decision in relation to themselves, other people, and the environment.

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