Shockingly ugly diet fads that some people love to follow

Obesity is something nobody likes, and this is why people do not hesitate going to any extent in order to lose weight. There are numerous diet fads people tend to follow in a hope that they will weigh down sometime soon but some of the diet fads are truly outrageous. Check out the following diet fads that will certainly make you wonder, as to how anybody could try them:

The Tapeworm Diet

The Tapeworm Diet

Image Source : MedicalDaily

The one who would fall for this diet fad must be crazy. Tapeworm is a parasite that sometimes gets inside us through contaminated food, and they cause considerable damage inside. This diet fad requires you to intentionally inject tapeworm into your body, through pills. It remains inside and eats up all the food that goes in. This sort of practice can be extremely harmful but still few people find it one of the best diet fads.

The Cigarette Diet

Cigarette Diet

When you feel hungry just light up a cigarette and see how your hunger vanishes, this is what proponents of this diet fad theory believe. Probably they fail to realize that this diet fad might work in the favor of weight loss but what about the other innumerable diseases one gets from smoking.

The Vision Diet

The Vision Diet

Image Source : WomansDay

It seems a little funny but you never know it works in your favor. It calls you to wear blue-tinted glasses, so that any mouth-watering dish you look at, it would appear disgusting and colorless to you. But if you will wear tinted glasses for long, chances are you would hurt your eyes, so a better option is to have a colorful diet full of fruits and vegetables.

The Sex Diet

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Yet another somewhat weird diet fad that is all about making out. They believe having sex burns calories; you just need to find a perfect partner who can match you well in bed. Some also say that if you are hungry, have sex to satisfy your urge for food. God only knows what amount credibility this diet fad deserves.

The Cotton Ball Diet

The Cotton Ball Diet

Image Source : DangerouslyFit

Eat cotton balls before every meal, as doing so fills up your stomach and you tend to eat less. Well, this is sheer nonsense and seems that propagator’s of such diet fads are only concentrating on the weight loss by any means. They have nothing to do with the after effects of such bogus diet fads.

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