Super bizarre animal wedding you will not believe actually happened

While the world at large debates the effects of same sex marriage, calling homosexuals “queer” there are weirder things that have happened. As useless the same-sex taboo is, there are places that would give the crazy conservatives a heart attack. Here, we have five examples of most bizarre weddings, where humans married animals:

A Dog

Emily Mabou married

Image Source : CloudFront.Net

Marrying your loved one and flaunting your love for each other is a common scenario, but some have an entirely different approach to life, they love walking down the aisle in a hush-hush manner. One such instance of marriage where a woman named Emily Mabou married her 18-month-old dog in an official wedding ceremony had occurred in Aburi, Ghana. Her family members also attended the wedding.

A Cat

Uwe Mitzscherlich  marry cat

Image Source : CloudFront.Net

Marrying one’s pet is becoming more common or should we say—bizarre. Love for animals is understood but marrying with a pet is a unique thing altogether. Uwe Mitzscherlich a 39-year-old German man decided to marry his sick cat named Cecilia. He took this decision when his cat fell ill and veterinarian told him, it might not live long.

A Goat

Charles Tombe

Image Source : DailyMail.Co.Uk

This case was widely reported in 2006, where a Sudanese man married a goat. Similar to Ngurah above, Charles Tombe was caught in delicate act with a goat. A council of village in its judgment forced a man to marry a goat. However, Council decided to treat the matter as a joke than a serious crime and asked Tombe to pay dowry to the owner of the goat.

A dolphin

Sharon Tendler married a dolphin named Cindy

Image Source : PositiveMed.Com

In an another bizarre incident, a woman named Sharon Tendler married a dolphin named Cindy after popping a question to the dolphin in January, 2006. They got married at Dolphin Reef in the southern Israeli port of Eilat. Though, the dolphin has a name Cindy, but it by no means was a lesbian wedding. Cindy was a male of a pod of dolphins living on a reef.

A Cow

Ngurah Alit with a neighbour’s cow on the Island of Bali,

Image Source : Listverse.Com

This is the most bizarre of all animal weddings. In a consequence to a weird act by an 18-year old boy named Ngurah Alit with a neighbour’s cow on the Island of Bali, was asked to marry the cow. To the punishment for his unholy act with a cow, he was sentenced to marry the cow. After the wedding, the cow was drowned as she was considered unclean and so as the boy. He was ritually washed to remove the sin.


Seriously bizarre weddings initiated by some courageous people. How we take it is–BIZZARE.

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