Craziest art on a pregnant stomach

Among all those unique and beautiful arts, pregnant belly art is quite unusual and interesting. Looking at pregnant belly arts, one can either get inspired from it or have a laugh over it. Nobody knows how it started, but one should know the reason behind its making. Being pregnant is a lovely experience for every mother and want to cherish it for the lifetime.

With this art, you can create a memory for lifetime. Something unique will give you amazing memories to cherish forever. Moreover, it is a fun thing to do in between the time you are doing nothing at home. With some following beautiful and unique designs, you can also design the bellies and make it a good memory to show to your kids.

Fruit belly

fruit art on pregnant belly

Image Source : Mondogaga

During pregnancy, a woman needs to eat right and health that can provide nutrition both to baby and mother. Fruits make an essential source of nutrients. Keeping in mind this idea, someone would have started doing this design. Printing any fruit on belly will remind you of the diet and being healthy. Fruits like watermelon, bananas, oranges, and grapes make a perfect fruit basket to beautify your belly with different colors.

Henna belly

Henna belly

Image Source : Tumblr.Com

For making a pretty design on the belly, you can also use henna. Being a natural product, it has no side effects on the body. Make a beautiful tree or any other design of the choice and show off it to other people. Henna looks great on belly and it will not affect the body anyway.

Sparkling butterflies

Sparkling butterflies

Image Source : BellyBelly.Com

Another design that can decorate your belly well is the beautiful pair of butterflies. Make two flying butterflies and add sparkles to them to add beauty to the décor of your belly. This design is quite popular among all the women as it looks pretty when one gets it done on the belly. Along with stomach, one can do it on arms as well.

Exquisite peacock

Exquisite peacock

Image Source :

With this beautiful design, you can make your belly look gorgeous. If one wants to add beautiful colors to the belly, peacock is the perfect design to do so. Design it with many colors or with a single color, this art looks beautiful as it takes the gorgeous shape on the pregnant belly. Variety of designs comes in the peacock belly art. It may be just the feather or the face of peacock. With so many colors in this art, belly with peacock design looks great.


Being pregnant is a beautiful experience. It is an experience to remember for lifetime. Making it little fun and interesting, one can create memory for the entire life. With belly art, it is possible to make pregnancy fun and memory for the life, besides just sitting idle at home.

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