Bizarre queries that people put forward to Google

Have a question? Google it! That’s exactly a human living in today’s world will say when you have something to ask and nobody to answer. But some people search each and every thought they have in mind expecting google to have each and every answer reasonably. Here are some crazy things that people search on google without any second thought.

“How do I google something?”(4.4k average monthly searches)

How do I google something

People have a clear mind that all you need to do while finding something is to just google it. But majority start by asking google how to use you. Youngsters nowadays should be at least able to know how to use google. But why bothering yourself when you can get every answer to every possible question by just asking. So snap your fingers and press “enter”.

“Why did I get married” (40.5K average monthly searches)

Why did I get married

Well, this is definitely not a question you ask someone or at least a computer. Looks like a few are so stuck in their married lives that they simply can’t help it. But sorry pals you made your choice, now live with it. Or you should be asking yourself and your spouse some questions.

“Why do men have nipples?” (18K average monthly searches)

Why do men have nipples

People nowadays don’t even hesitate questioning nature and her ways. Seems like not just a few but millions of people have these questions in their minds why men have those? Poor google! Must be wondering if it’s a male or a female.

“How to hide a dead body” (19K average monthly searches)


Some criminal minds also need a hand to cover them up. The one entity they can look upto is google who can be trusted on. But asking how to get rid of a dead body is too much I think. This can be a way for the cops to catch you if you keep asking google how to kill and then dig it in.

How come when I talk to girls on Facebook they don’t answer me back?

Man sitting on the sofa and holding iPad with App Facebook on th

Poor guys keep wondering why girls keep avoiding them on Facebook. Can’t get help from anyone so they bump into genius google. But dear boys, if you want girls to pay you attention on Facebook, don’t expect google to give you a love-potion recipe. Just relax; girls are not the only thing in this world you live for. Enjoy your life or at least have one. No girl wants someone whose whole life revolves around her.

How easy do you think it is to sneak into a zoo I need to see penguins like right now?

Penguin photos

This one is really weird. There must be a serious problem or say serious penguin addiction that these people wish to see penguins at odd times. I have a big doubt that people do have some deep business with some cute animals like these.

Why don’t girls fart?

Why don’t girls fart

Some men have serious doubts when it comes to women. One of those hilariously stupid doubts includes this one. I mean seriously people! Can u actually ask if girls fart or not. Consider them humans well.

“Is Lady Gaga a man?” (18.1K average monthly searches)

Lady Gaga

Image Source : HdWallpapersInn.Com

Lady Gaga is biologically a woman but millions of people doubt it. So people come to The Great Google to their rescue who think Lady Gaga is a man who pretends to be a woman. Peeps, we know celebs fake a lot but not to this extent.

Humans are crazy and they do crazy things but these things cross the limit of bizarre human doubts.

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