8 Bizarre traditions that will make your ‘normal’ marriage look mundane

A wedding is an event that unites two souls. No doubt all the countries in the world have their own set of traditions that need to be followed during a wedding. However, some countries follow some really bizarre (and at times really gross) wedding traditions that would literally make you rethink the concept of marriage altogether. Here are 8 such wedding traditions that will make you think twice about getting married in these countries, let alone get married at all.

Blackening the Bride – Scotland

Blackening the Bride – Scotland

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A would be bride would take great effort to look beautiful on the days leading to her wedding. But trust to get blackened before your D day if you are in Scotland. In many parts of the country, the bride is ‘blackened’ by her friends who throw everything from dirt and garbage to oil, slime and muck at her. If that is not enough, the bride is then tied to a tree for some time, apparently to prepare her for the hardships of marriage.

No Relieving Yourself – Northern Borneo

 No toilets sign

Several tribes in the Tidong community in this country follow a really bizarre wedding tradition. Couples who tie the knot in these regions have to control their bladder and bowel for three days after the marriage. They are not supposed to urinate or pass stools during this time. This one is definitely not for us.

Trash Drink – France


This one is really gross. Parts of France have this really gross tradition where you need to literally drink out of a toilet bowl. The attendees stuff the toilet bowl with every gross item they deem fit and then force you to drink out of it. Yuck!

Whale Adventure – Fiji

 Whale Adventure – Fiji

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Better not date a woman in Fiji. If not, you would most probably end up swimming with whales, or most evidently inside their stomachs. A wedding tradition in Fiji, the groom has to impress the father of the bride by getting him a whale’s tooth. That’s right, a whale’s tooth! Still fancy a wedding there?

Massai Mucous – Kenya


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If you get wedded in Kenya, get ready to get wet with saliva. Local tradition has it that your father has to spit on you (a good amount of saliva in that as well) before you leave for your husband’s home as a sort of blessing. Ewwwwww!

Chick Liver – China

 Chick Liver – China

In Mongolia, China, there is a wedding tradition that requires the bride and the groom to hold a knife together and dissect a baby chick. The couple then check the liver of the dead chick. If the liver is satisfactory, a wedding date is set. If not, more chicks need to be dissected until a satisfactory liver is found.

Fat Farms – Mauritius

 Saddlebag Flab

In a world that is obsessed with thin, skinny ladies, there is a country that is obsessed about fat brides. Mauritius is known for its fat farms where girls as young as 6 are sent to gain weight for the marriage. They are fed with calorie rich foods every day under the eye of watchful residents to put on loads of weight. Tradition has it that this will make it easier for the parents to find a suitable match for them quickly.

Motherly Assistance – Africa

Motherly Assistance – Africa

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In some African villages, the first night between a newly married couple would involve the bride, groom and a helper from the girl’s family. Another lady, most preferably the bride’s mother, spends the night with the couple and teaches them the tricks of the trade (ahem!) so that they don’t goof up on their first night together. Talk about being nosy!

A wedding is a truly memorable event, filled with plenty of unique traditions. However, certain traditions like drinking out of a toilet bowl, getting spit on by your father and dissecting a live baby chick can really make you think twice about getting married in these destinations.

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