Designs made from plants, moss and other unusual materials

It is back to the basics. The humankind after centuries of experimenting and innovating with new materials is making a movement back into the past. Many artists have begun to reinvent the building and making of the objects in an altogether new perspective by picking out ideas from the ancient and even primitive ways of living and defining them in modern sense.

This conscious movement to contextualize the past in the present is an attempt to understand ourselves in a much better way and connect to the basic elements of the nature. In the process, a synthesis between the natures, the whole corpus of human knowledge gathered over the centuries and the expressive ideas of the artist takes place. The following is a list of some of the most wonderful items created keeping this ideal in mind-

Arbor chair

Arbor chair Peter Jakubih

This is a unique chair created out of a simple trunk of tree by the artist Peter Jakubih. With no elaborate designing, and cutting and sawing, the idea is just plain and simple. The upper part of the tree trunk is scrapped out to create a sitting space and for the back to rest on. The backside of the lower half of the trunk is scrapped just enough to enable the user to handle the chair conveniently and lend him a more comfortable experience as he sits on it.

Coconut fiber chair


We have got accustomed to coconut fiber clothes made right out of the husk of coconut shells. However, Luis Eslava has put the humble coconut to a different use. The artist has created a lawn chair using coconut fibers by compressing them with latex. The chair is quiet sturdy and capable of standing rough use.

Grass armchair kit

Grass armchair kit

This is novel idea of making your own garden armchair as one sees it grow. The idea is simple and unique. It involves creating a skeletal framework out of (biodegradable material) cardboard, filling it up with soil and then planting grass on it. As the grass grows and takes root, the whole gets compacted into a solid mass taking on the shape of the skeleton.

Previously a special kit called Terra was available in the markets to build this unique chair but the procedure was so simple that one could make this framework on his own without having to shell out money buying it from the market.

Nguyen la Chanh’s Moss Bath Rug

Nguyen la Chanh’s Moss Bath Rug

This yet another unique creation lets you close up to the nature by bringing it well into your homes. Here it is, a moss carpet that includes in it ball moss, island moss a d forest moss. The base of the carpet is made of foam called plastazole. The humid conditions ensure that the mosses survive and thrive. The mat uses no soil at all, thus ensuring that the feet of a person do not soil while wiping them on it. Many of the species of the mat even have anti bacterial properties.

Peter Cook’s pooktre chair

 Peter Cook’s pooktre chair

Have you ever heard of tree chair? Well, these chairs created by an Australian named Peter Cook at his home are not the ordinary kind of tree chairs suspended from the branches of the tree we are accustomed to see.

They are actual trees artificially conditioned into the shape of chairs based on predetermined designs. The branches of a not so huge a stem are conditioned in a way so that they move along in a single file instead of spiraling around the stem. The seat, the armrests and the back of the chair are then made by molding the branches in a rigid predetermined framework.

The canopy of the tree laden with leaves creates a sort of umbrella on the top of this chair. The whole design is aesthetic and eco friendly.

This list of amazing and even somewhat amusing designs is creating a new life style statement where eco-friendliness is the new mantra. These designs are an exemplar in innovative and natural building as an answer to our rapidly growing needs.

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