Some of the weirdest coffee drinks that can add taste to life

Coffee drinkers may be found in every corner of the world but not all can develop their taste for the weird coffee drinks. Each country offers a different version of coffee. These coffee drinks may be common and popular but can leave you hooked with the mixes. For those who travel and enjoy sipping different flavors in coffee, here are some of the weirdest coffee drinks which can be tried.

Peppercorn coffee


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Moroccans make their coffee complete by adding a pinch of black peppercorn. In addition to this clove, ginger, cardamom, pods and spices are also preferred.This may not be a perfect taste for all but is high in demand.

Sea salt coffee

Sea salt coffee

The sea salt coffee was first introduced by Taiwan in December 2008. It became one of the bestselling drinks. To bring out the sweetness from coffee Taiwanese sprinkled salt over it. This idea was inherited from the act of sprinkling salt over fruits like watermelon and pineapple. Adding salt to coffee is a smart way of reducing bitterness.

Egg coffee

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There are different versions offered in egg coffees. Some egg coffees include the egg shells whereas others have egg yolk mixed in it.  In Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk and egg yolk are blended together to form a thick paste.Then coffee is poured over top which makes it look like a silky custard.Americans in the Midwestprepare egg coffee by mixing egg white with ground coffee. The mixture is boiled and thick, bitter less coffee is ready.

Elephantdung coffee

Elephantdung coffee

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It is also known as the black ivory coffee. The Arabic beans are first passed through the digestive system of an elephant. The enzymes present in the digestive system influence the taste of black ivory coffee. The dung is collected and beans are harvested from it. This process removes bitterness from the beans and contributes to its high price.

Cheese coffee

say cheese for good health

Cheese with coffee form an amazing pair. In Sweden, cheese is dipped into coffee for bringing out a unique flavor. It is a special cheese known as Leipajuusto found in Northern Sweden and Finland.

Butter coffee

Butter coffee

Butter coffee is also known as Kopi Gu You. In Southeast Asia, adding butter to coffee is not new. It gives nice aroma to coffee and makes it rich in flavor. Butter also creates small droplets of fat over coffee, known as micelles. These micelles help in the digestion of fat.

Lime coffee


Coffee with lemon help you reduce fat and lose weight. Lemon cleanses and detoxifies the body.When mixed with coffee, it improves digestion.

Coffee when blended with different ingredients can form amazing drinks. Coffee lovers can try its weirdest forms which have gained large popularity. The mixed forms may be highly beneficial for the body in various aspects.

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