Funniest lines and messages printed on tees

It is often noticed that t-shirts have the best sayings written, right from most apt things to most absurd ones. The best part about tees is the message goes very clear. People generally come up some crazy ideas for t-shirts, which need to be shared around.

Here are some world’s funniest t-shirt messages that will make you laugh out your wits:

real for sure

Yes, indeed they have to be real for sure. But the only way to be sure is to have a good look.

save water drink beer

That is indeed a better idea. Let us start saving water now. I want to be the biggest contributor for a cause this noble.

universal fact

This is one universal fact. Abide to it or you are doomed. Remember your boss and wife are right even when they are wrong.


That sounds just right. Housekeeping can actually be fun. This makes life so easy.

Tequila and floor

Tequila and floor complement each other greatly.


Sarcasm is the sugarcoated way to poison. But, you still need brains for that.

women will be women

More so because women will be women and men are unlikely to listen.


Overreacting is every girl’s birth right. So, don’t make a mountain out of a mole.

Mr. Right

It’s simple I am Mr. Right and will remain so, come what may.


I am only trying to increase my visibility here. I hope there is no problem with that.

family comes first

Just because family comes first, it has to WTF.

women jovial again

Dressing up well is the only thing that can help women jovial again.

best forms of insult

Description is indeed the best forms of insult. The best part is to make the person feel sorry for being himself.

opinion about everything

Simply because having an opinion about everything and everyone is so much fun.

straight and clear

The message goes straight and clear. Disliking t-shirt gets the maximum likes.


Have you not already learnt enough about recycling?

easy task

As if, it was that easy.

Come on boys

Come on boys you could have been a little more appreciative.

we all need one

I think we all need one of these.


ice cream is happiness

I would say that it is even better, because is ice cream is happiness.

giving 100 percent

Will you please Start being human for the heaven’s sake? I am already giving 100 percent.

not going bald

It would have been better if it this got you more brains.

brains saved you

Rejoice, having no brains saved you from something at least.



empathized with (2)

That one needs to be empathized with.

did the right thing

Trust me man, you actually did the right thing

wanted this skill

 Most of us wanted this skill, but not everyone is that lucky.

no fools

Everyone knows the reality behind those pictures on facebook. There are no fools sitting here!

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