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After smartphones, the new trend seems to be the smartwatches. It is true that you can see time and check weather with the help of your Android phone, but you can’t wear them. Watch-phone is a variant of wearable tech and it is sparking desire in tech freaks across the spectrum. So, is buying this device necessary? With new tech gadgets getting launched everyday into the market, it is difficult to say if a particular new type of gadget will leave up to its hype and the excitement spread among the mass by PR agencies. Watch-phone surely seems to be a strong contestant as it combines flexibility with multipurpose functionality together.

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It takes the smart-watch concept up by a few notches. Smart watches can be called modified versions of personal digital assistant or PDA. Some of the models even run smartphone apps. But the watch phone is even better. It lets people make calls, has a fully enabled touch screen surface and can perform most of the functions that a smartphone does. If not much different from the advanced smart phone models, the watch phone is definitely a step up from them.

They can function individually without the help of a full-scale smart phone. The watch phone can be used in hands free style without using a Bluetooth as it has inbuilt microphone and speakers. One can also use a Bluetooth device for speaking more discretely. Another good point in favor of the watch phone is that it has a long and enduring battery life. If you talk a lot then the fully charged battery will completely drain out in five hours. When used in the stand by mode the battery will last you as long as five days.

 Wearable technology

The watch phone has a camera that is good enough for clicking pictures during your day outs. The watch phone scores high on entertainment as well. It has mp3 music recorder, mp4 video capabilities and multimedia player. You can also use its Bluetooth stereo feature for playing your favorite numbers. For easy file management take the advantage of the USB connector and connect it to the computer system. With benefits aplenty, the watch phone seems to be the perfect choice for your next tech pick. It might bring the reign of smartphones to an end in some time.


Watch phones are unique gadgets, which can be used as a wristwatch and a phone. It has most of the smart phone features like camera and touch screen.

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