Interesting facts about our neighbor, the red planet Mars

Human curiosity of knowing more about the planet Mars has always been on a high. Right from trying to find life on it, to studying its various components, we have always been interested in the process to gather valuable insights about the planet, quite like the stereotypical nosy neighbors. To quench this thirst of knowledge about Mars, here a few interesting facts about it that you will cherish reading.

Mars has four seasons just like Earth

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Mars is similar to the Earth in the seasonal pattern; it also has four seasons namely winter, spring, summer and fall. This similarity is because of the similar tilt of rotation axis of both the planets. The only difference is in the time for which the season lasts. Each season in Mars is twice as long in comparison to seasons on the earth.

Mars has 687 days in a year, and 24 hours in each day

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Just as in Earth, a day is nearly 24 hours in Mars, but a year in mars is a constitution of 687 days contrary to the 365 days of the Earth. The reason for this is that Mars is far away from the sun, so its orbit period is longer than that of the Earth.

Mars experience most violent and largest dust storms

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The dust storms in Mars have winds of about 125mph. These dust storms have the potential to cover the entire planet and last for remarkably long periods. The temperature of the entire planet is known to increase, during these dust storms. This happens mainly because the dust clouds, absorbs the heat from the sun instead of deflecting it.

The deepest and the longest canyon of the entire solar system, is in Mars


Mars is home to the longest and deeps canyon of the solar system, which is named Valles Marineris. This canyon is 4000 km long, 200 km wide and 7 km deep. One fourth of planet circumference is covered through interconnected valleys.

Few pieces of Mars are found on the Earth

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Tiny traces of Mars fell on to the Earth when meteorites violently ejected from the Mars. These bits kept revolving in the solar system for millions of years and finally crashed on the Earth. This provided huge boost to the Martian studies.

Mars is the symbol of male gender


Symbol of Mars is a circle with a tilting arrow to the upper right. History has evidences that this symbol represents the shield and spear of the Greek war God, namely Ares. This is the reason why Mars is considered to represent the male gender.

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