What is NFC and why is it important from a consumer’s perspective

Near Field Communication or NFC is a new age wireless technology which helps in transmitting information between the initiator and the target by using electromagnetic radio fields. It is almost similar to a Bluetooth considering that both these technologies are used for short-range communication; however, NFC has many other unique characters that determine its practical application in the real world.

How NFC works?

The mechanism of NFC involves initiator along with a target. The initiator mainly generates a field of RF for powering up a passive target without using any electricity. This activity allows NFC targets to take simple form factors like tags, key fobs, cards or stickers which do not need any batteries. For example, when you hold your NFC-equipped Smartphone near any tagged movie poster, you can get all the information associated with that movie within seconds. In this case, the initiator is your Smartphone and the target is the tagged movie poster.


How can it benefit the consumers?

NFC comes loaded with immense benefits. The most talked about advantage of NFC is that it has the potentiality to convert your Smartphone into a wallet. It can bring your checkbook, credit cards and other payment methods into a single device, which you can carry with yourself everywhere. However, besides replacing your wallet, NFC can be used for many other purposes as well:

  • Public transportation

In urban areas where the population density is high and the transportation system is good, NFC could bring a real change in the method of payment to all the NFC enabled transportation billing system. So, with your NFC-equipped Smartphone, you will be able to pay for your bus, tram or metro just by tapping your phone.


  • Ticketing

NFC will also make the process of buying tickets for your favorite movie, live shows, concerts, sporting events, flight etc. very easy. You will be able to buy your tickets with just a tap on your phone from anywhere.


  • Keys

NFC will not only replace your wallet but it can also replace your heavy key chain. With your NFC-enabled phone you can enjoy the convenience of walking into your apartment, hotel room, office or start your car just by simple little taps on your phone. This system has the potential of bringing all of your keys into your Smartphone.

  • Comparison-shopping

Comparing the price before you buy anything is important but you cannot do it everywhere even if you have access to internet because this process takes time. However, with NFC, you can compare the price of almost everything from groceries to clothes to electronics just by a simple tap. NFC brings you the result faster and in the process, provides you with additional information about the product.

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