Ultrathin, distortion-free flat lens offers a perfect image

Going past or closer to the ultimate physical limit defined by the laws of diffraction, a recently developed, mere 60 nanometers thick, flat, silicon-based lens refutes distortions or optical aberrations like the “fish-eye” effect, Astigmatism and coma aberrations, with comparable ease. Created by applied physicists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied sciences (SEAS), the two-dimensional lens is made from silicon wafer, which are further coated with partially stripped gold layers.

Lead author Francesco Aieta, at the Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy, says:

In the future we can potentially replace all the bulk components in the majority of optical systems with just flat surfaces

Certain V-shaped nano antennae allow light to pass through them, but not before they have captured and hold it for some time. Such a delay ensures that path of light follows the same direction as it does in a thick glass lens. The system further ensures that there are lesser phase delays. The lens operates at telecom wavelengths, including near infrared to terahertz wavelengths. A slight adjustment in angle, spacing and size of nano antennae will enable this lens to be operational at any radiation or wavelength level.

Via: ThinkDigit

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