Thanko unveils new waterproof MP3 Player Lite


What is it?

If you enjoy listening to those peppy tunes and tapping your feet even under the water, then here’s something worth your glance. Pretty interestingly, Thanko has just unleashed its new MP3 player Lite that not only keeps music aficionados grooving to their favorite songs, but also lets them listen to music under water.

Design, Dimensions

Designed creatively to push the envelope for technological advancement, the waterproof music player will allow music enthusiasts to seamlessly listen to their favorite tunes while they surf, swim in the pool, or ski. The compact yet stylish looking player weighs quite light at just 25 grams and ascertains great portability for users who feel a dearth of a portable music device.

Breathtaking features

Featuring compatibility with Window XP, Vista 7 and 8, the device also brings in a decent amount of storage belly of 4GB to stockpile your music lists. However, there’s nothing as such ‘expandable’ for this device – so yes, you may have to arch your shoulders if your list of songs is way too long. Nonetheless, the waterproof player substitutes the loss with its impressive continuous playback time of 8 hours and USB 2.0.

Although the charging device of Lite is two hours, you can easily charge the player by connecting its USB terminal with a cable that comes well settled inside the box. However, the earphone jack of MP3 player is not a plug-in type but screw-in type, which will basically prevent water from entering the main body of your peripheral. At the same time, Thanko offers two kinds of earpieces for enhanced convenience and comfort of the user. One earpiece type has been designed for your regular music listening episodes while the other is intended for underwater listening. So, you get the best from both the worlds.

Pricing and Availability

Although the availability for the player is yet to be disclosed, the new Thanko waterproof MP3 Player Lite is expected to buzz the shelves for around 7,980 yen.

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