Photon 3D Scanner makes 3D printing portable


The product

In recent years, we saw 3D printing technology opening up newer horizons that were unexplored thus far. With their intent to make 3D scanners portable and affordable for everyone, Adam Brandejs and Drew Cox have been pouring in loads of efforts to realize the arrival of Photon 3D Scanner. The Photon is a 3D scanner that promises to be a highly usable gadget for all. Unlike other 3D printers or scanners, this device is very simple to handle. All you need to do is plug the scanner after unfolding it and place the object on the scan bed and press ‘go’.


One of the greatest advantages of the Photon scanner is its reasonable price and simple mechanism. Most of the 3D printers available in the market like the Gigabot, the MakerBot, the Rightbot, the Cube, the Form 1 etc., demand special templates depending on the object you want to print. So, it becomes difficult to opt for 3D printing even if you got a 3D printer because of the lack of these templates for every object. Therefore, in this area, Photon can be of great benefit, as it does not require any such special templates.

What makes it so special?

Another specialty of the 3DPhoton scanner is that after scanning your item, you can print it somewhere else and it is not necessary to own a private 3D printer. Being already cheaper and simpler along with all the added advantages, this device will surely be worth your money.

Invention of Adam Brandejs and Drew Cox, this 3D Photon scanner is set to make waves in the printing industry because of its revolutionary scanning technology and a number of other qualities.

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