Spray-on batteries to power your laptops in future

Rice University student Neelam Singh, with her team of researchers, has created a spray-on lithium ion battery that could charge your gadgets in no time. Being perfectly paintable, the batteries could be sprayed on any surface to generate sufficient amount of charge to power your laptops, cellphones or other devices. Aside from storing energy, the paintable battery discharges it when required.

The battery has all the necessary components that we find in traditional batteries like single-wall carbon nanotubes, cathode, anode and a polymer separator. The researchers substantiated the efficacy of their innovation. For doing so, they connected nine bathroom tile-based batteries in parallel. One of the tiles was layered with solar panel. The spray-on solar cell, when coupled with house current, produced enough power to keep a set of LEDs illuminating for six hours. The resultant 2.4 volts of steady charge helped researchers to spell out RICE in LEDs.

As the researchers promise, future versions may include electrolytes. Such an inclusion will assist paint batteries in the open air.


Via: CNet

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