Sleeping pods for stress free, peaceful rest

Tired after a hard day’s work? There is no energy left to go to your bedroom? You want to take a nap immediately. Sometimes life becomes too difficult that you just want to cut off from all the hustle and bustle and take a quick nap in a relaxing atmosphere. Power nap is always considered very beneficial. Now there is a solution for tired souls. Many types of sleeping pods are now available which can take all the pressures off you and allow you to take a relaxing nap.

Bubble of silence

In noisy environment of commercial places, office premises, or restaurant, the bubble of silence gives stress free and peaceful place to rest. Its interiors are designed to make you relax immune to hustle and bustle outside. The sliding table inside it is perfectly shaped to fit your body and relax your mind. Its exteriors are influenced by nature, such as bubble, cocoon, pebble, shell, etc. It gives you a totally stress free ambiance  in noisy environment.


Nemorelaxer: The airport Pod

Whether you are suffering from jet lag, or just want to relax while waiting for the next connecting flight, Nemorelaxer is your answer. It is an airport pod made especially for jet setting globe trotter. It feature reclining chairs and a cocoon made of sound isolating material for privacy. You can have a power nap totally isolated from the outside world. If you don’t feel like sleeping, there is a touch screen monitor for watching movies, and a foldable worktable with internet connection to check your mails. These pods are available on rent, mostly on hourly basis, at quite a few airports for the convenience of the passengers.

Podtime Sleeping Pod

This sleeping pod is made of indestructible polycarbonate tube. You can relax inside comfortably without any outside disturbance. It is fitted with heavy-duty frosted doors this sleeping sanctuary is fitted with luxurious mattress. Never worry about suffocation, as there is wonderful air circulation, providing you fresh air. They are flat, packable, easily transportable and can be stored in small space. It is very handy for relaxation in places with dense population and limited space. You can customize your own pod.


Napshell Sleeping cocoon

Seven architecture students design this fibre reinforced sleeping pod. This fibre reinforced plastic pod is designed for power napping. It is fitted with a ventilated mattress that is comfortable for persons of any body type or height. It is fitted with MP3 sound system with Dolby surround system with speakers and headphones. You can relax and listen to the music of your choice. With view and soundproof doors you need worry about the outside world. Other facilities include air conditioning with additional oxygen, massage system and flat screen. Its stout body makes it easy to carry and install it at any open space such as parks, and in office, lobby or any place as public furniture.

Nappak cozy Sleep Bed

This cozy and magnificent sleeping bed is meant for people who want to take nap and do not want to bear the inconvenience of arranging the bed. This convenient bag can be stored in any corner of the room stored in a very slim and round trolley. It can be easily and quickly opened, and is very lightweight. This gorgeous orange bag has been designed with particular care. Its white interior is very relaxing and you can go for a cozy sleep in no time without the hassle of arranging your bed.

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