Robot to pass University of Tokyo’s difficult entrance exams

Up until now, we’ve seen machines challenging human capabilities while going beyond them. However, in certain areas, we still have to rely on manual competence rather than putting our faith in mechanical computing and ability. Have you ever thought of a machine that could pass University entrance exams? If not, then you should head to Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) where you could see researchers working in close cooperation with Fujitsu Labs to develop an Artificial-Intelligence system. The AI is supposed to do well at Japan’s nationwide university entrance exams by 2016. If that isn’t enough, it could succeed in clearing Todai exams by 2021.

The Todai robot will master physics, history and chemistry. Moreover, it will learn foreign languages and certain formula recognition methods. The humanoid robot (not sure about its actual form) will provide researchers a better insight into human intelligence and thus, lead to several AI innovations.

Via: WSJ

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