New software composes music from sleep measurements

It’s actually difficult to measure or accurately analyze a person’s sleeping pattern. However, boffins at the University of Helsinki, Finland, have created a software that tracks a person’s sleeping measurements and convert it into automatically composed music. The novel software relies on an internet-equipped Beddit sensor to gather the required data.

The subject has to place the sensor under his mattress to record heart rate, breathing pattern, sleep stages and body movements. Data, thus gathered, is uploaded to the Sleep Musicalization website. Further the software converts the digital info into synthetic music. Though the music emanating from the software may not appear to be that melodious, still it tends to provide a better insight into the incomprehensible sleep processes.

Dubbed as Sleep Musicalization: Automatic Music Composition from Sleep Measurements, the study will be presented at the International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis in Helsinki next month. In case you can’t get there to listen to these tunes in person, you may subscribe to the Beddit service. Once you enter relevant details concerning your sleep into the Sleep Musicalization website, you may listen to sleepy compositions.

Via: Gizmag

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