Pelty the Bluetooth speaker is powered by the energy of a naked flame

Various gadgets are introduced in the market every day. If you are a music lover with a love for things beyond the ordinary, here is a good option for you. Pelty is the first Bluetooth speaker powered by fire. Fire has the power now to play music for you.

How it works

Pelty the Bluetooth speaker 2

Pelty acquires its name from the Peltier Effect that converts heat into electric energy.The specially designed device works without any charger or cables, or even batteries. All it needs is a small flame, and the speaker can get to work. The candle used with Peltylasts for five- six hours, giving it a pretty decent play time. If one candle burns out, you can simply place another candle into the setup, the speaker works with any candle that can provide it with a decent amount of thermal energy.

Simple in design and environmentally friendly

Pelty the Bluetooth speaker

The device is simple to use. Even a kid can work with this device. All you need to do is just light the candle and wait for few seconds, and the device will be ready to connect with compatible devices via Bluetooth.

Building on their simple and innovative design, the speakers also follow the path of being environment friendly. They are built out of only simple materials like ceramic and glass and no cheap material is used. Designers Gianluca, Edoardo and Matteo say the device is completely hand-built. The finest materials and skill are put to work in making these novelty and unique speakers that look at power in an entirely different way.

Aesthetic and functional

Pelty the Bluetooth speaker 3

This is an elegant device that can be used anywhere indoor or outdoor. Pelty’s audio quality is as good as any other speaker you can find in its class and genre. The aim is to let people enjoy music with high quality speakers. You are unlikely to regret the decision of buying these speakers.

The beautifully designed speakers look great, have an innovative style and use with their reliance on a candle flame, are easy to carry, and very light weight. You could easily carry and use your candle light speakers.


Pelty is a worthy device that can play your music where you want it, as long as you have access to a burning candle and Bluetooth compatible device. All you need is a candle and pelty Bluetooth speaker and you are ready to enjoy your favorite tunes.

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