Baby expressions that force you to self introspect

Babies are weird. Yes, you heard it right they are weird. They can be sweet, fun to be with, but can also scare the hell out of you. Have you ever observed toddlers and babies, they have a variety of expressions to offer. The expressions are so profound that they can actually make you self introspect. Their sudden cries and sudden laughter will make you think what on earth you did to make them behave in such a fashion.

Here are few baby expressions that may put you through some self-questions to figure out what in the mind of these babies:

Okay baby, I am not a criminal, stop scanning me with these doubtful eyes. I say I am sane in the Lord’s name.

Okay baby

Please do not look at me like that I look as human as you do.

Baby Expressions

Do I smell that bad? You are looking at me as if its me, not you who has pooped his pants.

Do I smell that bad

Hey sweets, did you just hear about the wardrobe malfunction I had last night at the party? Please do not tell it to anyone. My secrets should be safe with you.

Hey sweets,

Oh, you feel the same I know I am useless. But, how did you figure that out?

Oh, you feel the same

I know its gross, those vodka shots did not go well with the rum. Now you please do not make me feel guilty about it.

I know its gross

Yes honey, it is true that Percy ran away with Brian’s girlfriend. But that is not for you to worry. Things will be all right.

Yes honey,

Baby do not get that mad, I swear the store was not open or else have I ever visited you empty-handed.

do not get that mad

No baby I am not as bad tempered as you are feeling, all I did was smashed a flower vase on that cat’s head that disturbed me during my afternoon nap. Trust me you are all safe here with me.

bad tempered

Yes, you are right I should have made that assignment in time. Now will please stop giving me this I told you that look.

Yes, you are right

Now even you are trying to tell me that I do not talk sense, just like those bimbos in my office. Why are you giving me a similar expression?

you are trying to tell me

Baby you guessed it right, do not grow big, this life is not that easy.

Baby you guessed it right


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