Five Really Innovative Future Technology Concepts that we love

Technology has changed the world and how? From taking care of even the simplest of everyday tasks, it has managed to become an integral part of our lives. And though it may have its share of hiccups, there is no denying the fact that technology will continue to shape our lives for many years to come. With that in mind, we bring to you 5 extremely innovate future technology concepts that are redefining lives right now as we speak.


The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System

Designed by Mobileeye, the Mobileeye Driver Assistance System has been developed with the sole purpose of minimizing road accidents, and warns the driver if a pedestrian, cyclist or another car happens to be too near for comfort. The latest 5 series in the group also works along with your smartphone to give you a warning if you are on a collision course with someone else. It comes complete with a windshield mounted camera, a dash mounted display (optional) and an Android application that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. When active, the device can also monitor traffic patterns, alert you about changes in traffic signs and even give off a warning if you happen to drift off lane.

The Pasona O2

Space crunches have left many people opting for the roofs of other buildings to build their homes and gardens. When it comes to gardens, most people would favor an open place that has plenty of sunlight for the plants to absorb. But not Pasona O2. The company decided to transform an old, abandoned vault spaceinto a green space that is capable of growing rice, vegetables and fruits. What about the sunlight you ask? Well, the concern has thought that over and replicates a sunlight filled environment in the underground vault by using metal halide lamps, light emitting diodes and sodium vapor lamps. Although the hydroponic project is high on the energy consumption front, the opportunities it provides for space crunched areas is manifold.


The Yannell Residence

Welcome to the house of the future, the Yannell Residence which is a 3675 square foot home capable of generating its own electricity and power. The house is situated in Chicago, Illinois, and was constructed by Goldberg General Contracting. Costing over $1.6 million to construct, the entire house is capable of producing 40% more energy than it uses.

The VoicePark

Hunting for a parking space would probably take up a good part of your time in a city like San Francisco. Which is whyVoicePark decided to roll out an application with the same name that would be really helpful in guiding drivers to available parking spots in the city. The application is accessed as an iOS app and is available only in San Francisco. When activated, it would use real time information from the city’s SFpark technology to hunt for the nearest available parking spots. The information meted out to drivers is refreshed every 8 seconds, and the application can hunt for parking spots based on individual locations and prices.

The Hovding

Cars usually have airbags that inflate during an accident and protect the drivers from sustaining serious injuries. However, a bicyclist has no such protection apart from his helmet and safety gear. A Scandinavian based company has come up with a solution for that though; the Hoyding.

Designed to look like a scarf, the Hovding acts as a collar for bicyclists. It contains an airbag that can deploy in .01 seconds after detecting (with the help of sensors) a sudden, irregular movement by the cyclist. When deployed, the airbag would look like a hood, protecting the head and neck from serious injuries. And when not in use, it looks like just any other ordinary scarf. It also contains a removable shell that can be removed or changed to match your current outfit.

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