Designer André Cofield conceives eSSage self-massaging bodysuit

If you are one of those who love to visit massage parlors on a somewhat regular basis but hate paying hefty bills, you will sure welcome the idea of having a self-massaging suit that aside from saving you few bucks also makes sure that you get the perfect massage when needed. Designed by André Cofield, the eSSage self-massaging suit – a concept thus far though – relies on an Android or iOS app to deliver a wonderful massage.

For relieving your aching muscles and stiff joints, what you actually need to do is point your stylus or finger on a specific body part displayed on your smartphone or tablet screen. Various sectioned, flexible pockets of electro-active polymers respond to electrical charge to acquire required shape and apply apt pressure to your somnolent or tired body parts. However, if you have been more than dependent on your masseur and can’t ditch his expertise for this app-operated massage suit, you need not to worry even when he is not there. Since the suit is operated via an app, it’s possible for him to deliver you the massage you were waiting for anytime, from anywhere.

The concept massage suit is made from polypropylene – an antimicrobial, machine washable fabric. Certain garment bags perform dual function of wirelessly charging the suit and storing it as well.

Via: Dvice/Technabob/YankoDesign

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