Most Demanding Lab Grown Colored Diamonds Available

Lab Grown Colored Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds come in all color and clarity just like mined diamonds but at New World Diamonds, you’ll get quality as they use only EF Color and VVS – VS clarity with an excellent cut.

While white diamonds have for some time been the norm, extravagant colored diamonds are becoming popular for everything from engagement rings to earrings. Normally available in every shade of the rainbow, extravagant colored diamonds offer rich, complex colors to a wide range of jewelry. Colored diamonds are making the most of their time at the center of attention—and we wouldn’t have it some other way.

 Diamonds at New World Diamonds are Available in Every Possible Color

Colored diamondsColored diamonds come in every shade you could envision — yellow, blue, pink, champagne, chocolate, even dark ones – the black! Yellow diamonds are consistently well known from engagement rings to fine jewelry. Pink and champagne are somehow feminine and subtle choices, while extraordinary colors like chocolate and black make sure to get in the eyes of everyone for their exceptional excellence and flair!

A Perfect Pick in Any Color

Extravagant colored diamonds might be the most sweltering trend in jewelry design at this moment, however, these brilliant delights are considerably more than only a trend. Colored diamonds have for quite some time been exemplary choices for the recognizing jewelry lover, from emeralds to rubies and sapphires. Fancy colored diamonds consolidate these

Extraordinary colored diamonds let the wearer express her interesting fashion sense, just as her affection for the better things. Tasteful and vivid—what could be a better mix?

There is the psychology behind colored diamonds

Lab Grown DiamondThe effect of colors on psychology is a study that is firmly connected to the effect of hues on human feelings. Colors are used viably in everything from branding to controlling public conduct. The mental force behind colors is captivating. A colored diamond has hidden meaning and furthermore a concealed effect on the psychology of the wearer and watcher the same.

Lab Grown Diamonds just like the mined diamonds with colors are popularly known as Fancy Diamonds, come in each shade of the rainbow and they are incredibly unique. Blue, pink, red, purple, and canary yellow are the absolute generally well-known colors in Fancy Diamonds. Fancy Diamonds likewise can come in black-gray, brown, and even smooth white.

Natural Vs. Treated colored diamonds

Mined diamonds come in colors because of the mineral deposits in them and the same goes with the lab grown diamonds. Due to laboratory conditions or conditional defects, lab grown diamonds get their colors which is because of the impurities. But you need to look out for treated diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are not treated ones and simply come out as colors after adding more impurities to them. These are basically natural compounds only.

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