World’s most enthralling forests

Forests are obviously rich in flora and fauna, at least where the humans are kept in check. Apart from that they have a mysteries attraction to captivate the hearts of the visitors.

Black forest

Black forest

Well, the forest had nothing to do with his favorite cake, it was rather an exciting tourist destination. The forest was named so because the dense conifers did not allow the rays of the sun to enter the forest, in the good old days everything appeared black in there. There is a lot that one can do there, from the famous hiking trails to diving, windsurfing, water sports and more.

Crooked forest

Grove of oddly shaped pine trees in Crooked Forest, Poland.

There are speculations to this one, whether the uniqueness of this forest is natural or man intended. The forest gets its name from the hundreds of ‘crooked’ trees in the forest. A group of people believe that a snow storm caused the shape of the trees to curve. Others believe that when the trees were initially planted in 1930, the people employed some technique so that the trees would grow crooked at their base. This way they could get curved wood for building boats or furniture. Regardless, these crooked pine trees are an awesome spectacle.

The Great Bear rain forest

Mossy Oregon Forest

These are temperate forests with captivating beauty, the boundaries of which spread from Alaska to British Columbia. As the name suggests these are a home to black bears, grizzly bears and other fauna like the cougar and the wolves. Along with the splendid beauty, two trees in the forest have distinctly earned reputation for being exceptional. A Sitka Spruce is like the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk tree’, reaching a height of 90 meters. Another one is a old wise fellow, a western Red Cedar, standing for a 1,000 years.

Amazon Rainforest

Aerial Photo

Tell me, who has not heard about the Amazon? These are the most mysteries forests in the world, with many species of life form still unrecorded by scientists. These are massive forests spreading from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountains. The damn forests cover a freaking 2,300,000 square miles, which is 40 percent of Brazil. They can be called the richest forests in the world in terms of wood and wildlife. The river basin of the Amazon River is the largest in the world.

May be you can plan a trip to any of these forests this summer and admire their beauty in person, and come back with wonderful memories.

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