Point to ponder – is technology a salvation or downfall for humankind?


Technology has developed at such a rapid pace in the last few decades it really seems overwhelming to think how we are being affected by it. Technology is one of the pillars for our future.  Today the world runs on technology of some kind. Whether it is travel or communication- tech is all around us. This fast evolution has been both a good and a bad thing for us on an individual basis and here we will discuss how this has come to be. Is technology a salvation or downfall for humankind?

Well, it depends on how we look at things but on closer inspection we can see that the results have been all over the place. On the one hand our lives have become much easier but then it has also become a lot more dependent on tech assistance. There are statements that mention how the technological advancement in various departments has made things easier but also complicated. Much like any debate this one consists of two sides. Let’s have a look.

The positives


To start on a positive note let us call a spade a spade- technology has assisted in making our lives incredibly plush and comfortable. Heck, it’s probably increased the average lifespan by a few years.

Technology is a boon for mankind in many forms- from its impact on education and how it has transformed the classroom to job related skills and the ease of finding information to its role in transforming communication. Everything from Skype to emails to social media applications have made it so much easier to be in touch.

Gone are the days of buying expensive telephone cards to call international numbers. And then there is healthcare industry which has been transformed in areas like patient diagnosis and operations. Indeed technology is a boon for mankind in so many ways it is astonishing, but with the positives also come…

The negatives

global warming

Of course too much of anything is not good and there are many people who genuinely feel that technology is becoming the downfall of society and drastic measures must be taken. With the smart phones come addiction and many other issues never imagined even two odd years ago.

There are even reports of global warming issues being raised because of so much electronic usage. Today everyone from kids to adults and even the elderly are more addicted to their phones than to one another. Everything from eyesight to attention spans is being affected.

The internet has become an addiction of sorts and a life without it is simply unfathomable today- this is extreme dependency. Even something as basic as using maps is aided by computer assistance.

Is technology destroying society? It isn’t as simple as that, but it sure is assisting in making it worse in many ways. Technology is certainly a double-edged sword and if utilized in the wrong manner, which is indeed happening to some level, things can go wrong.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence requires a separate heading. AI is supposed to be the next huge technological leap- transcending societal trends and environmental woes. Artificial Intelligence has become so advanced that there are predictions that in as soon as 2045; it will become smarter than human beings.

In as soon as 2029 it would have achieved human levels of intelligence. AI will immerse itself in every sphere of our existence from workforce robots doing manual labor to nanobots healing our inner organs. Computers would have achieved great power which can also be bad.

It could lead to question-is technology destroying humanity?

Artificial intelligence could transform our lives for good or for worse. For people who already think technology is becoming the downfall of society things are going to get worse. Artificial intelligence is a mighty force of technology humans will face in the very near future.

So, is technology a salvation or downfall for humankind?

is technology a salvation or downfall

On final thoughts- is technology a salvation or downfall for humankind? Ultimately, technology is simply a tool- a means to an end as the saying goes and it is us who have the power eventually. Indeed today the pinging and interruptions of gadgets can overwhelm but it can easily be sidelined with resolute.

Humanity has endured for centuries and technology is its own creation- or child in a way. Technology has evolved in time with us and if used correctly it can take us to the stars and increase our longevity but overuse and it can just as easily start harming. Is technology a salvation or downfall for humankind? You be the judge.

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