Guide to dressing for your hair color and skin tone


We live in a world where everyone wants to look good and feel good about themselves. However it is not the easiest of tasks to be at the best of your looks. Most importantly you need to find the right balance for yourself and the appropriate dressing for your hair color. So in this article we will be informing you about that and also how to find the right clothing based on skin tones. Every skin type is beautiful but only when paired up with the right colors. So go ahead and read this article to equip yourself with the knowledge regarding the same.

Some basics in dressing for your hair color and skin tone

  1. Blonde hair:


    All the blonde women know this that few colors suit them as well as red does. In fact one of their advantages is that they have a wide spectrum of colors to pick and choose from when it comes to the right dressing. From a Gwen Stefani Platinum to a Cara Delevigne Mocha the choices are many and each one of them is more vibrant than the one before. They have to worry the least for the best color clothes.

  2. Cool Blonde hair:

    If you are not someone with pale skin and dark hair but have a cool blonde hair instead, your hair would be characterized by some nice undertones like gray or blue. One of the best examples of such cool blonde hair is the Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lawrence who has the perfect cool toned blonde hair.Their options too are a plenty and a wide variety of color actually suit them with ease. Colors like baby blue and lilac and pink would be some of the smartest picks. If at all you wish to try out some red variants, go ahead and try out the ones that have cool undertones. Dressing for your hair color becomes simple enough if you follow these instructions.

  3. Warm blonde hair:


    This hair type is characterized by some sizzling warm undertones. If you are someone who likes dressing for your hair color then go ahead and opt for colors like peach, coal or red. The jewels tones will suit few people better than you and can be an experimental option for you. We would recommend avoiding pastels as there is a chance that it would make your hair appear brassy. Some bold blue colors and turquoise however would be just the right picks for you. In general the colors black and white are perfect complements to the beauty of a blonde haired lady.

  4. Brunette hair:

    Dressing for your hair color is easy task if you happen to have brunette hair because of the several options that you would have at your disposal. For those brunettes with a warm toned skin clothing based on skin tone is a smart idea. They can sport colors like jade, burnt oranges, sage greens and mochas. The fall colors basically look great with this kind of hair.

If you have brunette hair with a cool toned skin then the colors that you can wear are blues and contrasting reds. It is advisable to keep your color palettes rich and choose colors like crimson or bright pink. The dusky colored skin with brunette hair too comes with several options. Light yellow, lavender and other nude colors will suit this particular type the best and will be a great contrast to the light features and the dark hair.

  1. For the ones with red hair:

    For the ones with red hair

    Green is one of the most suited colors for the redheads but even apart from this they have several options to pick from. If you are a fan of natural hues you can opt for the colors such as tan, cinnamon and navy. Even purple and other such shades of blue are great variants for these people to try out. If you manage to find the right shade of red then well and good but otherwise it would be wise for you to stay away from colors like the orange and the plague like yellow. Clothing based on hair color can be rewarding if you look for such options that complement your looks the best they can.

Final words

Now that you have read this article we assume that you know about the best color clothes. It is time to implement these in your life so that you can always be at your fashionable best. So irrespective of whether you have pale skin and dark hair or you have blonde hair with dark sin these is an option for all various skin tones to notch up the best of dressing. Cheers to a beautiful you!

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