6 Best smartphones for music lovers in 2018

LG G7 Plus Thinq

New smart phones are getting launched every week. With the passage of time, smart phones are getting better and are providing you with best experience they could. Every manufacturer is trying to improve the performance, display, battery and camera. But a very few companies lay stress of music lovers. Though all the smart phones have a capability to play music but if you have a set of good earphones you will enjoy better. But a few best smart phones for music lovers only.

A few smart phone manufacturers never ignore music lovers and always include a Hi-Fi music experience. The device comes with a perfect combination of audio software and chip to give out a better sound experience. Here are a few updated October- 2018 smart phones to buy with the best musical experience.

6 best smart phones for music lovers

  1. HTC U11+:

    HTC U11+HTC U11+ has been recently launched by HTC in India. This high- edged phone focuses on an amazing music experience. The device supports 24- bit audio to get an awesome music experience. There is a HT U sonic which combines noise cancellation with tune audio to get a unique hearing experience. With the use of noise cancellation, distractions and disruptions are reduced. So the music can be enjoyed without any disturbance.There is a dual speaker that produces BoomSound and delivers a dynamic loud audio range. The phone is good at its other specs as well like it comes with 3930 mAh battery, 8MP of front camera, 12 MP rear camera, android 8.0, 4GB/ 64GB or 6GB/ 128GB RAM and storage, Octa- core snapdragon 835 SoC, screen resolution of Quad HD+, 6- inches display.

  2. LG V30+:

    LG V30+

    LG V30+ gives a top audio experience. It is fitted with Hi-Fi Quad DAC with daydream view and Hi-FI video recording system. Some of the special shielding of metal has been implemented over the chip of DAC to reduce the interference of noise from the internal frequencies of radio. A good music experience is offered on speakers and earphones as well. Thus it is the best mobile in this list.

LG V30+ has a 3300 mAh battery, 5 MP front camera, 13MP + 16MP dual back camera, 128 GB storage, 4GB RAM, 835 Qualcomm’s snapdragon, Quad HD display of 6 inches.

  1. LG G7 Plus Thinq:

    LG G7 Plus Thinq

    It is another great phone which provides top audio experience. There is a special Hi-FI Quad DAC and a boombox speaker with DTS: X 3D sound to get an optimised music experience. The phone has 3000M ah Battery, 8MP front camera, 16MP + 16MP dual rear camera, 128 GB storage, 6GB RAM, 845 SoC quad- core snapdragon, quad HD+ display of 56.1 inches.

This smart phone has a rating of IP68. This means that it can withstand water and dust for about 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 m.

  1. Xperia Xz2 Dual:

    Xperia Xz2 DualXperia Xz2 Dual is one of the best smart phones for music lovers. This phone features amazing technologies like LDAC and high- resolution audio to give out an exceptional music performance. The dynamic vibrating system of Sony analyses the data and let you feel the action with hand. Thus it is the best mobile fir music lovers.

The phone comes with 3180 mAh battery, 5MP front camera, 19 MP rear camera, 64 GB storage, 845 SoC Snapdragon, 6 G RAM and Quad HD+ display of 5.7 inches.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

    Samsung Galaxy S9 PlusSamsung Galaxy S9 plus is a great phone for music lovers. This smart phone has music speakers which when tunes and powered by AKG and Dolby Atmos gives out a loud and crispy 3-D music which makes the music lovers fall for this phone. Galaxy S9 plus has 3500 mAh battery, 8 MP front camera, 12 MP + 12 MP dual rear camera, 6 GB RAM, 9810 Exynos processor and Quad HD + display of 6.2 inches.

  2. Apple iPhone Xs and apple iPhone Xs Max:

    Apple iPhone XsThe Apple iPhone Xs have upgraded the internal hardware of the device. Other than the regular hardware updates, the stereo and audio capability of both of these devices are improved. The stereo set up is quite clear and loud. Apple utilises the system of EVS voice encoding which ensures the users to get a better audio quality at calls. The device has 3 GB RAM powered by the latest A 12 Bionic SoC along with memory variants like 256 GB, 128 GB and 4 GB. The native storage can further be expanded via microSD. You can find a 12MP dual sensor camera. The selfie- snapper has a depth sensing camera of 7 MP. The operating system is pre- installed with iOS 12.

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