8 Most Unusual Airline Services That Actually Exist

There are all kinds of different airlines that offers convertible seats to free hand and feet massages. Here is a list of the 8 Most Unusual Airlines that offers some strange services to their passengers.

  1. Air Malta 

    Image Source : Telegraph.Co.Uk

    Did you ever thought that there can be an airlines that can offer free massages and beauty products? Yes, there is one and it is called Air Malta. The service was launched back in July 2015 and offers services intended at enhancing customer experience.

  2. Air New Zealand

    Image Source : Nbr.Co.Nz

    Air New Zealand carries passengers between New Zealand and Los Angeles. The airlines, launched back in 2011, offers passengers to purchase sky couches a.k.a. cuddle class. These seats can be turned into beds or couches and are popular among couples and families.

  3. EVA Air Hello Kitty

    Image Source : D.IbTimes.Co.Uk

    The Taiwanese EVA Air Hello Kitty is a popular airlines that is completely modelled with the popular Hello Kitty characters. Everything ranging from napkins on the airplane to the airplane itself features Hello Kitty art.

  4. Germanwings

    Image Source : I2.Cdn.Cnn.Com

    Germanwings offers flying services to more than 90 destinations in Europe, Israel and North Africa. The amazing thing about the airlines is that it offers a blind booking service i.e. you won’t be able to know where you’re heading unless you book the ticket. To book the service, you need to give out details like what are you looking on your trip and the available dates.

  5. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


    Image Source :  Bangkok.Travel

    If you are looking for an airlines service that could let you select with whom you’ll be seated, then KLM is where your search ends. The Dutch airlines offers a Meet and Seat service that lets you see other passengers’ FB or LinkedIn profile to help you decide with your seating location.

  6. La Compagnie

    Image Source : I.Dailymail.Co.Uk

    La Compagnie is a French airline based in Paris. The flight’s only route is between New York and Paris. You’ll be amazed to know that in addition to the standard flight service, the airlines offers convertible massage chairs, Michelin star food, and Samsung tablets for every passenger. In addition, the airline service is cheaper than its peers.

  7. Virgin Atlantic


    Image Source : Abcnews.Go.Com

    In addition to carrying passengers between London and New York, Virgin Atlantic offers its customers to go through the ‘Gallery in the Air’ exhibition showcasing works of popular street artist Bob Eine in the flight. The art pieces range from 2,500 pounds to 15,000 pounds.

  8. WOW Air

    Image Source : I.Dailymail.Co.Uk

    WOW Air of Iceland launched a new pink Airbus A330 in February 2016. The aircraft is named ‘TF-GAY’ and travels to San Francisco. The airplane’s name is a strong backing for the gay movement.

Next time you book a flight, make sure to know everything about the services that the airlines have in store for you.

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