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The advent of the age of online shopping strangely coincided with that of the sale of books through this medium. One of the first to bear this assail were therefore the bookstores. However, for the book aficionados, just buying a book and getting a heavy discount on it are not enough.

The atmospheric experience of a bookstore with the smell of paper and ink wafting across even as one inspects the books on the bookshelves is something that is priceless. The idea only gets further interesting if there is something unusual about the bookstores. Here we have a look at some of the most incredible book stores located in unusual places-

  • Parisian bouquinisters, France

Parisian bouquinisters, France

Image Source : FrenchMoments

This array of about 900 green boxes filing the bank of river Seine in Paris is worth a sight. The book market stretches a total of two miles along the world’s most romantic river. Of the 900 boxes, 240 of them offer about 300,000 old books. The whole area is very much atmospheric and the idea of even just idling before the stalls looking and turning the leaves of these old books is a romantic experience in itself.

  • The Book Barge, U.K

The Book Barge, U.K

Image Source : Ohcomely

This barge is not to ferry goods along the river. This barge houses one of the most unusual bookstores in the world. This 60-foot long bookstore roams the inland waterways of the United Kingdom. The bookstore seeks to create a culture of ‘less hurried and harried’ lifestyle among the people by reinventing the idea of easy conversation on a cup of tea. Of course, this whole experience can be enjoyed by boarding this unusual bookstore on water and absorbing in its delightful world of books.

  • La Caverna aux Livres, France

La Caverna aux Livres, France

Image Source : Enssib

This unique bookstore seeks to combine the romance of book traveling with the reading of a book, well not literally. The old and discarded train cars have been brought to a good use in Auvers-sur-Dise , north of Paris where a book store has come up inside them. The bookstore houses a wide selection of old books up for sale.

  • El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Argentenia

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Argentenia

Image Source : Craphound

This wonderful building is located in Buenos Aires. Designed for the empresario Max Glucksmann, it opened as a theater in 1919. The building features the frescoes by the Italian artist Nazareno Orlandi and caryatids sculpted by Trioano Troiani. But why is all this information relevant for a bookstore? Well, this theater commencing 2000 has become home to a bookstore after its leasing out to a publishing conglomerate. Reportedly, more than one million people visit this glorious building.

  • Selexyz Dominicanen, Holland-

Selexyz Dominicanen, Holland-

Image Source : Dezeen

The renovation work on this thirteenth century old church building turned cycle store gave an opportunity for the transformation of its interiors befitting the housing of books in it. After its restoration and renovation in 2007, this glorious piece of architecture was converted into a bookstore.

The addition of two oversized walks on the upper levels of the right hand sidewall solved the problem of limited space available within the church building. Here were placed additional bookshelves. The upper level of the sidewalk gives an opportunity to the visitors to view the frescoes on the ceiling with closeness even as he selects the books from the shelves.

This list is an insight into the wonderful world of unusual bookstores. Here one just does not buy books; in fact, the places by virtue of their uniqueness give an opportunity to the visitors to make the whole process of selecting and buying the books an experience in itself.

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