Scary dance falls that will bring you to the edge of your seat

Dance is one amazing art form that has the potential to pull out the deepest of emotions buried in our hearts. Dance is something that comes with utmost feel, love and passion. We have all seen those heart winning performances on stage, but sometimes things just go horribly work while dancing. Some dancing fails and falls turn to be so epic that they become the entertaining bit rather than the dance performance.

Here are some must watch dancing falls that are scary and hilarious.

The face fall

Okay dude that can happen to anyone but that face bang looks damn painful. What just happened you were going good, until that flip, and then bang! Ouch! That will surely hurt you Mr. Hip Hopper.

The ultimate pole fall

Pole dancing has always been one of the most difficult art forms, this is why you have to double check the strength of the pole but even with such perfection, one cannot escape the ultimate pole fall, if the destiny says so.

The disappearing fall

Dance, dance, dance and then disappear. Hey girl, this was sheer lack of judgment. What didn’t you know; there is no more stage behind a certain point. Hope your back is safe, but the fall like this, chances are low.

The chair fail

This just should not have happened. The dance performance looked just so cute and well coordinated until that chair malfunctioned. But, on the good part see how much popularity did you earn little girl with that epic chair fall.

The ballerina blooper

We all love ballerina dancing isn’t it and we all feel sad when a ballerina dancer trips over. With all that practice, stage work and cute dress, the fall surely did not go well. But sweets, relax, it’s just a fall and we all love your ballerina moves despite the fall.

The perfect slip

The opening line of this one should be I like to slip it, slip it, inspired by the Madagascar’s I like to move it, move it. Babe that was indeed one of the perfect slip the world has ever seen.


Ah! Here comes our women power hip-hop presenter. So it’s all hip-hop, pop and bang! All that women power dancing is all right but please choose a proper place for dancing in the first place, or else bang happens with a bang indeed.

The runaway fall

Here is the next Michael Jackson in the making. But hey, he never ran away like this. Oh, so you are making innovations to his popular style. Now that is admirable.

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