Popular hostels in Europe you could fall in love with

So many hostels coming up every now and then have made the competition fierce, and it has become even tougher for the people to get the hang of the best hostels. The best and the worst list of hostels differs from individual to individual, as every individual has his or her own priorities that govern the factor, as to what type of hostel attracts their fancy. Europe has no dearth of hostels, some are good, some are bad, and some are fine, some are pathetic, but the ones you will see in the following list are the best ones price wise, quality wise, and fun wise.

The Greg and Tom Party Hostel

The Greg and Tom Party Hostel

Image Source : InYourPocket.Com

The name itself is telling so much about this unique hostel, let alone a stay. The hostel has a strict age limit, so you need not worry about the mismatch that usually takes place. The awkward feeling one gets to get drunk with either a younger or an old companion. The hostel has its own bar that allows its residents to have unlimited beer on Mondays, vodka on Wednesdays and free unlimited breakfast. You get free shots on arrival and some games consoles, so there’s no real reason to give up on this awesome deal.

The Youth Hostel Valencia

The Youth Hostel Valencia

Image Source : HomeYouthHostel.Com

It is one of the cheapest options to stay in Valencia, and is convenient to reach as well because it is located at ten minutes of distance from train and bus station. It is centrally located and provides an affordable lodging to the guests. It is the only hostel without bunk beds in Valencia, and is ideal for individual and group travelers. Travelers who want a cozy, comfortable, and a colorful stay will certainly fall for this hostel.

The Circus, Berlin

The Circus,Hostel Berlin

Image Source : Circus-Berlin.De

A traveler who is in a holiday mood and wants some light and joyous moments other than travelling, this hostel is ideal for someone who desires all these things. The hostel has a circus theme that starts impressing guests from the moment they enter until the time they leave.

Albareda Youth Hostel

Albareda Youth Hostel

Image Source : Albareda-YouthHostel.Com

This hostel operates on advance bookings, as it is very famous with the youth. The maximum age limit that hostel allows is 35 years, and provides a clean, cozy, and a fun-filled stay. Youth love this hostel and be it any country they belong to, they do like their stay in the cool Albareda hostel.

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