Hilarious diving fails that are almost painful to watch

We all have been in awe with those exquisitely performed dives. The flips and flops in the air and a fine landing just like fish in the water. It is surely a treat to the eyes. I have personally felt so much inspired to try some these techniques but only in my dreams. The art needs utmost practice and experience, but some people believe they are born perfectionists. Their over confidence forced them to try diving without any prior learning, so just have a look to what happened next.

Jump Jump Jump and Splash!

Oops! What went wrong Mr. Diver? Quite honestly, that splash sounded great and looked all the more fantastic. I was thinking if I could get some classes from you on that one. I am sure you will not say no to that one, after all this skill has to go down to many a generations.

One Two three- fail

Now it would actually take a lot of skill to understand what exactly they are trying to do. One goes after the other with increased level of stupidity and wait the chain stops the third one. Hell No, you cannot dive, please I beg of you…

The bumpy dive

The leap run has to be appreciated if not the dive. He made an effort at the least. The only thing that worries me at the moment is high hospital bill for a multiple fracture surgery. With a bump like this one, where else do you expect him to land?

The double fun

Well that one is surely hilarious. We don’t even finish laughing one the first dive fail and the next one forces us to die laughing. What a chemistry on must say. This double diving fail surely offers double laughing fun.

The epic diving-board fail

At times, it is not the diving technique that fails you but the diving board. The only thing that one can say to him is hard luck man, if only you had a better diving board, you would have created one historical diving moment for us to see. Nevertheless, this one is not less historical, and I am sure, this will be remembered for long.

A self-imposed diving fail

Since when did we start using plastic chairs instead of diving boards? I am totally unaware of this new concept. Like really which sane person will ever try diving using a chair, nothing but a chair! And when you do this, an epic fail for us to see and enjoy is a must.

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