Amazing and impressive roller coasters from around the world

Getting excited has always been a central need to any human being. For some, it gives a feeling of adrenaline rush, some define it as fun, while for some it’s about a sense of achievement. Amusement parks which have popped up in large numbers in the last century provide an extremely accessible and convenient option for human beings across the world to satiate this need, in the form of a ride on some very outrageous roller coasters.

Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka roller coaster

Image Source : RollerCoasterKing

This upside down U shaped track is the world’s tallest roller coaster. This giant roller coaster ride is one such ride that will make your jaw drop and your eyes all popped out. The moment ride starts you will not even get the time to realize what will happen to you next. You will experience a 90 degree straight up and once you reach the peak point hold your breath for the nosedive. This crazy rides end with a 129 foot camel hump.

Superman Krypton Coaster


Image Source : CoasterCommunity

The superman ride in San Antonio consists of a massive vertical loop at the height of 145 feet in the air. This floorless roller coaster is the main attraction at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and will certainly take your breath away. The superman is perched outside at the top of the loop, the coaster rises and takes a vertical loop. You will enjoy the cliff interactions and the crazy loops that you might not find anywhere else.

Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa

Image Source : GulfNews

This breathtaking roller coaster is built on Abu Dhabi’s formula one track. Riding on Formula Rossa is same as driving a Formula 1 car but with turns and drops. You have to wear safety goggles to discover what 4.8Gs are like. The adrenaline rush will be at the peak when you will float 52 meters high in the air. This insane roller coaster is inspired by some of the best race tracks in the world.

Gravity Max tilt Coaster

The Gravity Max Coaster in Taiwan

Image Source : Pinimg

The Gravity Max Coaster in Taiwan will give you one of the scariest rides of all. You will be hanged over a 13 story vertical drop at 90 degree and then your roller coaster journey will begin. The Gravity max coaster is one of the tilting coasters in the world.

Steel Dragon 2000

Steel Dragon 2000

Image Source :  ThemeParkReview

Steel Dragon built in Japan is the world’s longest track length. The route is so long that you might end up with a sore throat with all the screaming stuff. It holds the record for the 8,133ft long track.


Roller-coasters are one of the basic elements of any amusement park and in this article we have given you an overview on 5 roller coaster rides in the world that stand out from the rest.

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