Super weird and unusual things people have found in their food

While going out for eating something good or ordering something at home, everyone desires to eat something that can totally surprise him or her with the taste. Surprising with taste is good, but what if you find something in the food that can make you puke.

It is the uncontrollable cravings towards the junk food, which has increased its demand in the market. When we eat it, we are in rush to gulp it, do not even bother to take a good look. Some people who look at such food closely has found some very strange and unusual things in their food. With the list below, you will also get to know some crazy and horrible objects that was found in the food you rarely check for problems.

Finger in frozen custard

Finger in frozen custard

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An incident happened few years back in a frozen custard factory. While the making process was going on, an employee accidently cut off his finger and dropped it into one of the packet of frozen custard. A man, who bought it later on, ate that finger thinking it is a candy. As soon as he put it in mouth, he felt that it was not a candy, rinsed it with water, and found that it was a human finger. It sure would have been a terrible experience for that man.

Syringe Burger

Syringe Burger

Beware of the syringe burger next time you go out for a bite. Few years ago, when a man went to eat his favorite burger, it injured his tongue and made it bleed. As soon as the burger went into the mouth of that man, a needle pierced his mouth leading to a bloody tongue. After going to the hospital, doctors found one needle in his stomach as well apart from that pierced his mouth. It was quite a painful experience for him, and a terrible lesson.

Poopy ice cream

Poopy ice cream

Almost everyone loves ice creams. Never-ending craving for ice creams makes us eat it repeatedly. Wonder if you find the pieces if poop in it. Nothing can be as bad as eating poop with your favorite thing. An incident happened with a couple when they ordered their favorite ice cream and found fecal matter in it. The couple claimed it to be poop and refused to eat it. When you go out next time, do not forget to check that Poopy material in your ice cream.

Human flesh sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

This incident took place few years back when a man went to restaurant and ordered a sandwich. After eating, he felt something weird inside the mouth. With keen observation, he found that it was a human flesh. When enquired, the manager was found to be the problem, and fired.


While eating it is important to know what you are eating. Proper check and little car can safeguard you against such horrible foody accidents of life.

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