Wall-Ye robot to replace manual labor at vineyards

Almost all the vineyards are struggling to find skilled laborers to meet the growing demand of intoxicating juice worldwide. To counter the problem of laborers, Burgundy-based inventor Christophe Millotv has come up with a robot that can prune up to 600 vines every day. Dubbed “Wall-Ye,” the wine robot has two arms and four wheels to move and work like any skilled laborer.  Integrating six hi-tech cameras, the multitasking robot is capable of recording data on the soil, fruit and vine stocks.

Featuring a GPS and gyroscope, the 20-kilogramme (44-pound) robot can easily move across the vineyard to accomplish different tasks without any assistance. In case, the Wall-Ye gets stuck in unfamiliar territory, “the robot destructs its hard drive and sends a message to the winegrower to bail it out of the critical situation. Measuring 50cms (20 inches) x 60cms (HW) in dimensions, the €25,000 (about $32,000) robot is sure to help winegrowers improve their productivity.

Via: Mysinchew/ TheVerge

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