Hitachi develops quartz glass chip to store data forever

A large volume of important data has been generated daily by the users all over the world, but currently there are only a few devices, which come with limited capacity, available to store or save the data for a longer period.  Offering a solution, Japanese electronics giant Hitachi has developed a new quartz glass plate technology to store digital information on slivers of quartz glass for at least a few hundred million years.

Capable of enduring extreme temperatures and hostile conditions, the new technology creates dots inside a thin sheet of quartz glass to store data in binary form that users can read with a regular optical microscope. Made using quartz glass, a highly stable and resilient material used to make beakers and other laboratory instruments, the chip is just two centimeters (0.8 inches) square and two millimeters (0.08 inches) thick that can easily fit in your wallet.

Via: Channelnewsasia

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