Microsoft files patent for realizing High Performance Touch

Folks at the USPTO should be more than busy nowadays. Just yesterday, we let you know about Sony winning a patent for their innovative, “exercise information analyzing circuit”. Now, we have Microsoft filing a patent for realizing High-Performance Touch aka HPT. The patent reveals how HPT could take touch screen lag from 100ms to 1ms.

For attaining fast touch response, the technology relies on probabilities of positions where your fingers will move next. Thus, the system starts pre-processing the anticipated moves on the UI and later, analyzes those pre-processed results to speed up the actual response time by up to 100 times. Researchers surely need to work on accuracy of real-time statistical calculations. Otherwise, with the kind of touchscreens available now, such interfaces may prove to be superfluous. Anyhow, how can anyone rely on the exactness of the pre-processed results?

Watch this video for exploring how a touch sensitive whiteboard anticipates finger movements to perfection (?). Still, we need to wait and see when Microsoft makes this tech available in its devices.

Via: Unwired View

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