Beat is a bendable, foldable, roll-up speaker from Fujifilm

Beat Foldable speaker from Fujifilm_01

Developed by Fujifilm, the “Beat” is a bendable and foldable speaker that apart from offering quality sound also rolls up like a paper sheet for easy storage and moving. Essentially a thin film which functions as the diaphragm (i.e. vibrating plate) of a speaker, the new device is made using viscoelastic polymer that hardens to become audible in the range of 20Hz to 20 kHz and softens to become bendable.

Fujifilm packages a piezoelectric composite, created by mixing the viscoelastic polymer with piezoelectric ceramics; with a protection layer after squeeze it with electrodes to produce vibration with electrical energy. Displayed at the Nano Tech 2013 trade show in Tokyo, the new bendable film is sure to bring about a revolution in portable audio devices.

Beat Foldable speaker from Fujifilm

Via: Nikkeibp

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